Toronto Tech Jobs in 2009

It’s a new year, and for some of you, new jobs are on the horizon.  That’s certainly true for me, as I’m likely to be moving on in the relatively near future.  The new year’s hiring season is beginning, and I’m hoping to see more postings and more interesting postings to choose from to pass on to you.

I’ll also be refining Toronto Tech Jobs itself as I have time.  I’ve added a Twitter account to make it that much easier to follow along for those of you already in Twitter.  I’ll also be posting a refined version of my list of questions to ask potential employers in some form.  

And, if I find the time, I’ve got some other tricks up my sleeve that I’d love to explore, but there’s no sense in over-promising, so we’ll see what happens.

Happy new year to you all, job hunters, recruiters and employers alike.


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