Identity Management Architect

You tell me how to interpret these postings (k anand, elitech, consultant4less, goteti):

  • Is one recruiter repeatedly posting the same job under different names?
  • Did four recruiters post the same job at roughly the same time?

Either way, it doesn’t bode well.  This is not the right way to find an identity management architect.


3 Responses to Identity Management Architect

  1. Looks like Robert Half has the same position. Someone’s saturating the toronto recruitment market for one position?

  2. observer says:

    Nothing new here, Geoffrey, this has been happening for years.

    Sometimes, employers give the same “job” to different recruitment agencies. Since it’s pretty obvious that “this is not the right way to find …”, more often than not this is a non-job, and poor dogs hit the ground running chasing an imaginary ball. Big employers are notorious for that.

    More often, recruiters routinely copy each other’s job descriptions and post them as their own with little to no modifications. I’ve seen countless discussions why they do that, all over the web. To sum up, there seem to exist a few prevailing reasons:
    – Recruiters can identify the employer and, despite having no contact with them, hope to find good candidates and offer their services nevertheless
    – Just to collect resumes to pad their databases
    – To pretend they are actually working – post “jobs”, read resumes, talk to “candidates”, most cynical ones actually try to talk “candidates” into coming to their offices to meet with them in person (to discuss your career goals, experience, preferences, etc., like any of that means anything to them)
    – They have no roles to fill and, therefore, nothing else to do anyway
    – They just don’t know any better and can’t really tell meaningful from meaningless.

    Nothing wrong with that picture, eh?

    Happy New Year and thanks for the blog!

  3. And again, Connexion.

    I guess I’m not totally shocked that there are occasional copies — I’m just surprised that there were so many in such a short timeframe. For instance, when Rogers/Zoocasa was looking for Ruby/Java types, I saw similar postings from several recruiters, but they were spaced apart often by days and repeated over weeks, and posted on different job boards. This is now the same basic posting six times within 24 hours, and the first four of which were almost back-to-back in one job feed, and five of which were posted using the same job board.

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