Twitter ‘Feed’?

I’ve deliberately avoided starting up a Toronto Tech Jobs twitter feed since it seems like RSS and Atom are more consistent with syndication than Twitter.  

That said, it’s a pretty low-cost setup for me if some of you would prefer a Twitter feed, so it seemed like it was worth a quick poll.


3 Responses to Twitter ‘Feed’?

  1. It’s easy to syndicate your RSS feed through your Twitter account. I do it for Red Canary.

  2. The funny thing is, is that someone can create a twitter account, and stream your RSS feed through it anyway. You might want to do it before someone else does 🙂

  3. Well, there seems to be some interest, so I’ve set up an RSS to Twitter bridge via TwitterFeed for now; we’ll see how it goes. If I’m not happy with the automatic version, I may do them manually.

    If you’re on Twitter, feel free to follow Toronto Tech Jobs.

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