21 x 50 == FAIL

The idea of organizing twenty-one people to accomplish anything as a group in 50 days is suspect. Trying to get them to accomplish software development with COBOL, ASP, VB6, VBScript, DB2, Access, SQL Server and XML is entirely laughable. And yet, it looks like someone’s asking for just that.


One Response to 21 x 50 == FAIL

  1. Jedediah Smith says:

    What a great example of your tax dollars at work!

    By my calculations, those 21 people will be paid ~300k for the contract. After paying the managers, making a profit for the company that got the contract and paying the governmnet beurocrats who deal with them, you’re talking at least $1M spent.

    That money goes to *documenting* what looks like some horrendous legacy app that could probably be replaced with modern tech for $100k or less.

    Of course, there’s no way they are going to find 21 competent and independently motivated (telecommute) workers with that skillset. They’ll be lucky if one or two of them get anything done.

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