Unspecified: Director/Manager of Information Technology

Keith Bagg is helping an unspecified company look for a Director / Manager of Information Technology:

Responsible for strategic planning, including identifying, selecting, and deploying the appropriate resources that will support the client’s corporate goals and objectives.  Tactically, you will oversee project management, resource management, supervision of staff, and provide clear communication with executive management, peers, clients and end users.

The Good
This sounds like a pretty senior role covering a wide variety of skillsets.  They seem to want someone with a background in both development and IT, as well as management, client interaction and vendor management.  

The Bad
Although the posting defines some of the skills required, it doesn’t really talk much about the role, so you’re left to piece together the role from the skills.  There’s a lot of detail missing, which we’ll cover in the next section, but they’re actually telling you almost nothing about the job, only about the qualifications you’d need to have for the job.

As a result, it’s hard to be too concrete one way or another here.

What’s Missing
that isn’t simply your skillset.  That’s quite a lot.  

What’s the company?  What do they do?  Where are they located?  Why are they filling this role now?  Are they profitable and well-cushioned against the financial downturn?  How many people do they have?  What’s their organizational structure like, and where would you fit into that.  What are the challenges currently facing this company?  Is there a CTO/CIO, or is that essentially the role you’re filling?

Working backwards from the skills they’ve asked for:

  • They would like you to know Java, Web, SOA, so i’m assuming that means this company does some development work.  How much?  What kind?  To what end?  How many people do they have on it?  Do they do professional services, sell products, or simply develop internal web applications?
  • They’re hoping you understand firewalls, VPNs; is this simply the corporate network, or do they also potentially host their own applications?
  • They’d like you to know something about Grants — does this organization get their funding from the government?
  • They’d like you to deliver cases for technology acquisitions — are we talking about making purchases like servers, or are we talking about buying other companies?  The difference between the two is vast.

There’s really nowhere near enough information here, so if you think you meet the qualifications and you’d like to learn more, then give them a call and see if they can explain some of these elements.

Your mileage may vary about investing your time into learning more on a job opportunity where you know so little to begin with. 

In Summary
This is probably most interesting if you’ve got experience with both software development and with “IT” in at least the servers, storage and networks areas as well as some management experience.  You’d want to understand the company and the role in better detail.


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