Salesforce: Developer Support Engineer is looking for a Developer Support Engineer:


  • Assist third-party developers to troubleshoot their integration with APIs and implementation of other developer products. This will involve debugging, troubleshooting, and taking responsibility to see that the issue is fully resolved.
  • Write sample code, client libraries, and contribute to Open Source projects.
  • The Developer Support Engineer will take the initiative to create knowledge base materials dedicated towards operational efficiency while also empowering and enabling the developer community


The Good
Salesforce is a big and visible company with a successful product and a stake in the “Platform as a Service” game.  They have nearly $800M in revenue and revenue has been growing quickly, apparently.

Sounds like there could be a reasonable variety in terms of what integration envionments you support — although its probably true that Java and .NET are likely to be the most common. The reference to contributing to open source projects is interesting, although it doesn’t have any information on what that might mean.

In a downturn, companies often put more emphasis on the sales side of their business to enure that they keep up sources of revenue.  That might mean that this is a good time to be in the business of enabling sales.  While Salesforce has branched out somewhat from their original model, the core of the system is still sales-oriented.  Accordingly, Salesforce might be just the sort of employer who does well in bleaker economic times.  

The Bad
On the other hand, it’s possible that in bleaker economic times, companies will start to consider whether or not they need software to help them make sales, or if they can simply manage their sales channel with an excel spreadsheet. 

The salesforce model isn’t a horrible one, but supporting companies doing development through integration using SOAP and custom SQL-like syntax could be occasionally painful.

What’s Missing
If this is a support position, is it in-person support, like consulting and contracting, or is it simply remote telephone and email support of working throuh issues?  Is there travel involved?  What’s the location of the job?  What’s the compensation?  What are these open source projects?  Would you be working on a team with other support staff?  What’s the size and structure of the team?  What are the size and number of the organizations you’d be supporting?

Not everyone wants to work in a support role.  

In Summary
Although not everyone will be interested in a support position, is a big and visible employer.


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