Broadridge: Team Lead

Broadridge Financial Solutions is looking for a Team Lead (monster/broadridge, monster/dean group) for their technical services team:

The Information Technology & Communications (TS-ITC) Team Lead reports to the Service Delivery Manager and works under the general direction of the Technical Services Management team.  The incumbent will be working within a dynamic team of individuals who are primarily L3 engineers who are responsible for multi-tiered environments, and multi-faceted with various architectures in an ASP organization.
The team Leader position will be responsible for managing a team of individuals whose main responsibilities encompasses, but is not limited to, Network Support, Middleware Support and Edgeware Support including implementation initiatives.  This role requires extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with Hardware, configuration and application, and needs to be fully conversant with Java, Tomcat, Apache and Network Services, DNS, SFTP, SSH, HTTP, etc.,

Another operational role, but in a team leadership position.

The Good
Broadridge has 5000 employees and a 1.7B  market cap, so although I’m not familiar with them myself, they’re obviously a big company involved in outsourcing financial services.  And a team leadership role isn’t a bad one to be in.

Their location in Toronto seems to be at 4 King Street West, which is a nice location – easy access to the TTC, including the Subway, the Path, GO train, not too hard to get to by car (although parking costs in that area are high), good restaurants, shops, coffee.  Can’t really complain.

It’s a role that doesn’t require a good background in the kind of technology that a developer would likely know well while offering experience in a lot of technologies that many developers wouldn’t know, but that might be useful for a role in technology management.  As a result, it might be an interesting transitional role for a senior developer or team lead looking to do less development and move into a broader role. Virtualization seems to be big here, and it’s a useful area in which to have good experience; also blades, network storage, etc.

The Bad
Due to the broad range of technologies you’d be working with, it’s unlikely that you’re likely to gain mastery of any one of them. 

What’s Missing
Although I’ve got a location from the broadridge website, is that where the candidate would be working?  If you’re leading a team, what’s the size and composition of the team?  What kinds of systems does Broadridge operate and that you would be supporting in an operational capacity?   Do they have products, or are they structured like a professional services organization?  What’s the compensation?  Is there a lot of off-hours work expected in this kind of operational role?

Many of the people with the skills they’re looking for are looking for development roles rather than an operational one, so your mileage may vary.

In Summary
An operational team leadership position in a large company that seems to be relatively successful at doing financial outsourcing.


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