Unspecified: Senior Java Developer

Stoakley-Dudley Consultants is helping an unspecified company look for a Senior Java Developer:

    Our client is a leading solutions provider specializing in enterprise architecture, systems integration and internet applications. This client seeks the services of an experienced Senior Java Developer looking for an opportunity to apply their programming skills and adaptability to help solvereally interesting challenges.

    The preferred candidate will work closely with Team Leads and Business Analysts to understand requirements and implement maintainable and testable software using web development tools. Your experience using J2EE tools to develop complex web applications will be an essential asset. Knowledge of WebLogic and other web application server technologies, the Struts framework and related tools, as well as experience with user interface development and deployment will also be important attributes.

The Good
The technology stack seems like a reasonable one, and there’s more detail on the technology than many postings, particularly recruiter-based ones.  If mobile application development plays a reasonable part of the role, it could be an interesting sector.  The emphasis on RESTful services instead of the WS-DeathStar implies a company with a sensible, simple take on architecture.  If the compensation really is attractive (which for a role like this, should be at least $80k, I’d say, and possibly higher), then it could be a good fit for someone looking to fill a senior developer role.

The Bad
What’s there is pretty good, which means that what’s bad is primarily the fact that there’s so much missing.  I might switch one or two of those technologies (Struts, Ant) for something else, but those are fairly minor quibbles.

What’s Missing
Almost everything except the technology stack and a little bit about the role.  What’s the company?  Is it a startup, and if so, what’s the funding situation?  If it’s not a startup, what’s the revenue and burn rate, and how has that changed with the downturn?  What do they do, and how does that connect to mobile development?  What projects would you be working on?  What’s the size and composition of the team or teams on which you’d be working?  Where is this company located?  What’s the process like?  

Your mileage may vary when it comes to responding to a positino with such limited detail and working with a recruiter.

In Summary
A decent recruiter posting; what’s there is reasonable, although there’s a lot missing.  If you’re looking for a Sr. Java position, this might be worth further investigation to see if the missing details are interesting.


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