Deloitte: Director of Development, Business Solutions

Deloitte is looking for a Director of Development, Business Solutions for their Global Office of Information Management:

Working as a member of the Global Office of Information Management (OIM), the Development Leader, Business Solutions Services, provides overall leadership of the development organization.  The Development Leader is focused on providing oversight of development activities in Business Solutions, enabling Development Managers and Development Senior Managers to provide consistent, qualified leadership in specific competencies or for designated Business Solutions, and manages relationships with other organizational / functional units within OIM.  The Development Leader will have responsibility for managing over 100 resources distributed worldwide, but primarily located in the United States, Canada, Czech Republic and India.
The successful candidate will have a minimum of twelve (12) years progressively senior experience in development management, architecture and development.  The candidate should be currently leading a large development organization, focused on providing web-based enterprise applications. This individual will join an enthusiastic, fast-paced and dynamic team at Deloitte.  Sustained exceptional performance, innovation, creativity, insight, good judgment and sound leadership are daily requirements.

The Good
Deloitte is a big and successful company, and this is a pretty senior role managing over one hundred people on a global scale. 

The Bad
The location lists three potential locations, which implies that you’re competing not only with your fellow Torontonians, but New Yorkers and Chicagonians, so it may be that much harder to stand out for this position.

What’s Missing
The location is a big one; Deloitte has a lot of offices, even several in the GTA, and knowing where you’d be working might be important.   It would also be nice to understand what kind of projects the Global Office of Information Management does, for whom.  How many of these projects are going at once?  Does the work tend to get done all in one country, or are the teams split such that development happens offshore and the requirements, architecture and project management are done onshore?  Is there a consistent set of processes in use, or does it vary from project to project?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to distributed work, particulary with offshore development.  You’d need to talk to Deloitte to understand how they’re approaching this and whether or not it makes sense to you, but it might be a sticking point for some.   

And since the reference to the Microsoft development platform is buried a little in the posting, this might be another area where your mileage may vary.  It seems that most of the postings I’ve seen for Deloitte’s OIM  are Microsoft-platform based, so I’m assuming that’s their standard choice.

And finally, your mileage may vary when it comes to some of the higher-level management activities in this kind of role, like: financial/budgeting, resource supply/demand management, etc.  It comes with the territory, but not everyone is anxious to do it.

In Summary
This is most interesting if you’ve already got some senior management experience and a Microsoft technology background.


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