Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board: Software Developer

The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board is looking for two Software Developers:

Responsible for analyzing, recommending, implementing/creating/customising, support and enhancement of the in-house developed software systems required by the Board to meet its business objectives. Contributes considerable business and technical knowledge to complex IS projects.


  • Under general direction of a project leader or supervisor completes high quality, well designed and architected systems that make appropriate use of technology. 
  • Ensures that personally completed systems which enter production are sound, well architected and well coded. 
  • Develops personal plans and the tasks detail appropriate for mapping out and completion of all work assignments. 
  • Develops the implementation plan for systems roll-outs and assists the user community in the development of a thorough testing plan. 
  • A sound knowledge of the agile methodologies, object oriented analysis, design, development, and leadership skills are used in coordinating of activities, timing, scheduling, and project control.


The Good
On the surface, it’s a pretty dull posting.  Basically, they expect that you code well, do what you’re asked to do, plan what you’re going to do.  There are a few hints that there might be something interesting under the details.  They’re interested in people with a sound knowledge of agile methods, they seem to expect their developers to do some design and architecture, rather than simply implement what was designed and architected elsewhere.  They seem to believe in developer-testing.  There’s a curious reference to smalltalk.

The pension plan board manages $100B in assets, so they’re pretty big.

There’s also room for two developers, which means that your chance of getting the job goes up somewhat and, if you’re very lucky, you and someone else you trust can both get hired, such that you know before you even accept the job that there’s someone there you can work with.  The pension plan board website also lists other jobs if this one isn’t too your fancy, including some analyst and .NET positions.

The Bad
Although I’m pretty sure that the business domain of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan has some interesting challenges, I’m not sure that Member Services is it.  This might be a membership database, for all intents and purposes.  It’s also possible that this isn’t the best of times to work somewhere that depends on equity investment.  Then again, this might be the perfect time.

And, frankly, if the tone of the posting is on the dull side, perhaps the job is too.   It certainly could have tried harder to make the job sound appealing.

What’s Missing
Quite a bit.  What will you be working on in member services?  What are the projects and technologies in more detail?  What’s the size and composition of the team?  What’s the local organizational structure like?  What’s the compensation like, both in terms of salary and in terms of other benefits that OTPBB might be able to provide?  Are they looking for developers without a lot of experience for the desired pay bracket, or are they open to a wide range of experience?

They’re not looking for a ton of experience, so your mileage may vary if you have lots of experience.  That may mean that they’re expecting to pay accordingly.  On the other hand, if you don’t have a ton of experience, this might be a good fit. 

Their primary location seems to be up at Yonge and Finch, which is subway-accessible, but probably mostly of interest to people already out of the main area of the city of toronto – North York and parts further north, as well as locations to the east and west if you’re willing to highway-commute.

In Summary
This is probably most interesting if you’re looking for Java work but you aren’t exceptionally far along in your career already.


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