Hiring Outlook

Manpower conducts regular, extensive, forward-looking hiring surveys all over the globe every quarter, and in light of the economic events, their results are of interest.  The Toronto Star had two articles on the hiring outlook recently using their survey results.  Manpower Canada suggests that the hiring outlook is ‘mild’ and ‘hopeful’ going into the new year: 

The survey of 1,800 Canadian employers indicates 16 per cent expect to increase payrolls in the first quarter of 2009 while nine per cent anticipate cutbacks. Seventy-two per cent said they expected no change and three per cent were uncertain of their near-term staffing intentions.

After accounting for seasonal variations, Manpower said 18 per cent more employers plan to add workers than expect to cut back – four percentage points more than in the current quarter, “indicating a hopeful hiring climate for the first quarter of 2009.”

Unfortunately, they also imply that the hopeful conditions exist primarily outside of Ontario, which will have a “quiet” period.  It’s also true that the way the results are divided is not easily parseable for the technical job market, so it’s useful more on the overall job market than it is for any particular skillset.  The other article implies that in American hiring, the “wait and see” approach will dominate.  The full Manpower Survey results are also available online.


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