Unspecified: Test Automation Specialist

TAL is helping an unspecified company look for a test automation specialist:


  • Work with development and QA teams to implement fully automated functional, system and regression test
  • Analyze, design, author automated tests at component, and system level
  • Deploy and execute automated tests in a J2EE environment
  • Identify high ROI opportunities for automating testing tasks and script these tasks where appropriate.
  • Identify, troubleshoot, and characterize product quality issues
  • Contribute to the continual improvement of QA tools, processes, and methodologies.
  • Design and author performance and load tests for variety of systems
  • Analyze test results and provide reports


The Good
This kind of role is a tricky one to fill; many people in the testing and QA side of software don’t have excellent test automation skills.  Agile developers often do, but often don’t want to be in an exclusively test-automation role, and may be missing a background in the more general aspects of testing.  As a result, finding someone with the interest and qualifications to do this well isn’t easy.  If you’re a good fit, then you’ll probably stand out from most of the candidates for this role.

It’s also interesting to see the desire to have skills in Perl, Python or Ruby — this may simply be the idea that these languages are good glue languages for system scripting, but it might imply a certain amount of language freedom in testing approach as well.

The Bad
I don’t have a strong objection to anything here; “ROI” is a little buzzword-y for me, and Weblogic’s a bit of a bummer sometimes, but neither is a big deal.  Ultimately, the real problem here is what’s missing.

The other problem is that it’s been my experience that even when people want a real skillset in test automation, they’re not always willing to pay what that real skillset would require.  This is one of the reasons why people with good programming skills that could be applied to test automation tend not to go in that direction.

What’s Missing 
Quite a bit, although that’s often true of recruiter-led postings.  What’s the company?  What do they do?  What would you be testing? Where are they located? What’s the compensation like?  What do they have in mind for the dynamic languages?  There’s a ton more you’d want to ask, but you need to start with the basics and work your way up.

In Summary
If you have good programming skills for test automation and good understanding of testing and quality assurance, this could be an interesting opportunity.


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