Unspecified: Technical Architect

TAL is helping an unspecified company look for a Technical Architect:

• Key player in translating business requirements into dynamic, proven J2EE based solutions.
• Lead high level architecture design inline with current and future business demand.
• Drive the creation of new product design requirements and technical specifications.
• Participate in the construction and coding of key modules, infrastructure and proofs of concept.
• Act as a technical adviser in support of key sales opportunities and professional services engagements.
• Communicate architectural concepts via mentoring, technical presentations and white papers. 
• Drive tool selection and technologies for development.
• Approve all core product designs.
• Lead application migration to new platforms, databases and technologies.

The Good
Sounds like a pretty senior role in an organization;  keeping an eye on the present and future of the software development arm while managing reports and contractors.  It’s also not stuffed with heavy process terms that might imply it’s an organization where you’re going to spend most of your time marking off checklists and following the eighty-two step process to repeatable software nirvana.  It also sounds like you’d be at least partially hands-on, which in my opinion is imperative for the success of the software team, even though it’s not how all companies view architecture.

The Bad
It’s a recruiter posting with only minimal information, so it’s possible that this is in fact an organization with a heavy-weight process that was just clipped out of the posting as it was sanitized.  The reference to ‘subcontrators’ is hard to read much into, but  you’d want to understand what they’re using subcontractors for.

What’s Missing
A ton, as is usual for a recruiter-based posting.  What’s the company?  What do they do?  What software do the build?  What technologies do they use to do so?  What’s the number, size and composition of the teams you’d be working with, and how’s the development organization structured?  In essence, this is just enough to get you interested, but you’ll need to learn a ton more by talking to the recruiter about the position.

Your mileage might vary when it comes to being hands-on at times, but I think the best architects will actually be pleased with this requirement. 

In Summary
If you’re an architect in the Java world with the interest and ability in doing some hands-on work as well as the high-level architectural work, this might be worth further inquiry.


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