Scali / Platform Computing: Open Cluster 1st Line Support

Scali, or Platform Computing, is looking for someone to fill a role they call Open Cluster Solution, 1st Line Support:

Troubleshooting Linux, and cluster related technologies
Strong technical knowledge of major Linux operating systems, including administration and networking
Experience with Python and Shell programming
Knowledge of HPC cluster benchmarking (Linpack) and network like Infiniband. 
Experience working with parallel programming environments (MPICH, Intel MPI, OpenMPI, LAMMPI)
Ability to setup and administer a High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster
Ability to document in an accurate fashion, including procedures, processes
Establishing, nurturing relationships with end customers
Good communication (written, verbal) and customer management skills

The Good
High-performance cluster computing in Linux is definitely an interesting sector; this kind of system has essentially replaced mainframes, so experience in this area is a valuable skill for jobs that require serious computing power.

Although this is listed as support, it’s important to distinguish that it’s not support in the “Let me check the knowledgebase” sort of way, it’s support that involves actively working through problems, as evidenced by the required skills.  This kind of support has a significant operational role and is probably more appealing.

The Bad
They’re looking for people who already have some experience with high-performance computing and ideally distributed computing already.  I’m thinking that cuts down the applicant pool heavily, so that may be enough to reduce your interest. 

What’s Missing
I’ve worked out the location from the website, but that still leaves quite a bit.  What’s the compensation for this kind of role?  What’s a typical day like in this role — there’s a mix of responsibilities and it would be interesting to understand how they break down.    What’s the process like?  Is there a whole team of support at Scali that you’d be part of, and if so, what’s the size and composition of the team, and where would you fit in relative to the rest of the team?  Are there growth opportunities in this role that you might want to consider?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to a support role, even one with a strong operational side.  

It might also vary when it comes to working in Markham at Warden/407. , which basically means you already live nearby or you’re ok with commuting by car.

In Summary
This is most interesting if:

  • You’ve already got some experience with high-performance computing, and you’re interested to get more.
  • You’re ok with a support role even with a strong operational side.
  • You’re willing to work in Markham.

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