OCAD: Director, Managers for Digital Futures Initiative

The Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) is looking for a Director and Two Managers to fill positions relating to the Digital Futures Initiative.  The director position seems the most related:

A visionary technologist who is committed to excellence in digital learning, research and IT delivery, you will provide leadership in the technology planning for undergraduate/graduate curriculum research and delivery activities. Applying an extensive knowledge of leading-edge technologies and studio facilities, you will implement the Digital Futures Initiative (DFI), coordinate the Digital Media Research & Innovation Institute (DMRII), and plan/manage related capital, infrastructure, operational needs, budgets and administrative processes. As a strategic thinker, planner and organizer, you will facilitate appropriate linkages among the developing academic, research and infrastructure goals and components, identify/pursue opportunities for funding, donated goods/services, partnerships and joint initiatives, and oversee the orientation and training of faculty and relevant staff. An accomplished communicator who is capable of embracing OCAD’s strategic vision for the key role that artists, designers, media creators and related fields of endeavor can play in contemporary society, you have a graduate degree in Art, Design or Technology or equivalent (with expertise in a postsecondary teaching environment) and significant experience (minimum of 6 years) in senior university administration.

They’d also like a help-desk manager and an IT Change and Governance manager, combined in this posting.

The Good
The digital futures initiative sounds like a visible and interesting project, and they’re looking to fill a pretty senior role.  This could be an exciting opportunity if you’ve got the right mix of backgrounds, which is going to be fairly rare.  Ideally, you’d have technology, art and teaching/learning experience mixed with university administration and project management.  If that sounds like you, then I suspect this is likely to be both very interesting and a good fit. 

The Bad
The posting could have done a much better job either talking about or linking to the digital futures initiative to help candidates get a feel for what that is.  And, while this isn’t a fault with the posting per se, I’m imagining that the number of people who are likely to have the right mix of skills for this job is pretty low. 

What’s Missing
Vast quantities of information about the goals, the role, the compensation; really, this is just a teaser for the job to get your attention and funnel potentially qualified people to OCAD.   That said, with a visible and interesting initiative like this one, that’s probably sufficient.

Your mileage may vary on big public/private initiatives to foster innovation; I’m not totally sold on the merits of these kinds of programs, but you could take that as a challenge. 

In Summary
A senior position at OCAD to mix backgrounds in technology, art and learning together with university administration and project management.


One Response to OCAD: Director, Managers for Digital Futures Initiative

  1. observer says:

    Techology+Art+Learning+PM+6 years in University Administration should get them exactly zero qualified candidates, but that’s probably right up their alley. Looks like they already have somebody for the job and are just doing the “Equal Opportunity Employer” thing.

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