Nurun: Technical Operations Lead

Nurun is looking for (or helping another company look for?) a Technical Operations Lead:

The successful candidate will be responsible for all aspects of day-to-day technical operations for our busy retail client’s Application and Infrastructure. The candidate will be responsible for incident management, problem management, change management and release management. The candidate will be required to ensure the targets / objectives outlined in Service Level Agreements (SLA) are adhered to. 

The Good
Seems like a relatively sensible description for the role, which is an operational one.  It’s not focused entirely on networks and rack space, it seems to cover an understanding of the building blocks of web applications, as well as release management, and SCM.  This could be a good role or someone who comes from the application development side but has an interest in moving further into the operational side of technology. 

The Bad
The posting vaguely implies that Nurun’s acting in a kind of recruiting role in this case — “for our busy retail client”, but I don’t get the impression that they do recruiting services for their clients, so I’m not at all sure how to connect those two facts.  You might want to inquire what this is about before you get too deep.

And although operational roles often have cautionary guidelines like “frequent and tight deadlines”, it’s probably good to establish an understanding of what that’s likely to mean in this case.

What’s Missing
What’s the compensation like?  Who’s the company, nurun or someone else, and what’s their relationship with Nurun?  What do they do, and what kind of systems do you need to manage the operations of?  What kind of operational structure will you be in — part of, or leading a team?  Reporting to whom?  What kind of relationship does the operations team have with the development team in this environment?  Where are the systems hosted, what kinds of technologies are they running?  Where are they located?  And so forth.   Some of that sort of information is probably best left for the interview, but some of it could have been in the posting.

Your mileage may vary when it comes to an operational role, but if that was the case you probably stopped reading already. 

In Summary
If you’re interested in operational roles, and have a background in the development or release management side of things, this might be a good opportunity to broaden your horizons while still using the skills you’ve already developed.


3 Responses to Nurun: Technical Operations Lead

  1. Crest says:


    I am looking at a role that is similar to this one with another company and was wondering what kind of salary should one expect for a position like this one.


  2. You could try some of the salary survey sits to see; none of the roles I’ve held were very operational in nature, other than a few short stretches on projects I’d built, so I don’t have a strong sense for the likely pay.

    It would also likely depend a lot on the company and how much they depend on technology. An agency company might only want to pay $60k for this kind of role, whereas a profitable enterprise looking for someone with lots of skill and experience might offer over $100k. But I’m really just guessing here.

  3. Crest says:

    Hey Geoffrey,

    The second part of your answer is exactly my feeling. I feel that that having the proper experience in this domain (especially with deep knowledge of the applications being in place) should command over 100k. On the other hand I could see them offering much less depending on their finances and a lesser experienced candidate.

    Thanks for the prompt answer!

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