Unspecified: VP of Product Management

There hasn’t been many interesting detailed posts lately, so I’m going to look at a few positions that I might not otherwise.  Robert Half is helping an unspecified company look for a VP of Product Management:

Our client located in the financial district of downtown Toronto is seeking a VP of Product Management to lead their product strategy and service delivery activities in the mobile commerce space. The ideal candidate will define the product strategy, tactical direction and roadmap to support our three lines of business: over-the-air payment services, Near Field Communication (NFC) services and mobile wallet services. 

This could be this initiative?  Or Enstream?  Hard to say.  Not much to go on, but it’s a senior role in an emerging space, so it can’t be all bad.


3 Responses to Unspecified: VP of Product Management

  1. Jason says:

    I’ve heard some horror stories[1] about “robert half” and “the creative group” as they are less recruiters and more a temp agency. So, you work for them, not the client. The client pays a huge premium and you get a tiny sliver. Is it the same setup in Canada?

    [1] http://ask.metafilter.com/107371/How-can-I-tell-if-a-staffing-agency-is-reliablelegitimatenot-a-scam#1548234

    btw, I love the blog! I’ve always felt it frustrating that job hunters can’t comment on postings, ask for more clarification, share tips or offer advice.

  2. It’s certainly true that a lot of the big contracting agencies are goin’ to take their cut regardless, and sell you to whoever’s willing to pay in the process. I think you still get the larger portion of the contract rate for the most part, but it’s still a significant cut that a contracting agency takes for their service.

    Then again, companies are willing to pay it, so ultimately, ’round goes the cycle. In this case, I suspect that Robert Half is simply providing a recruiting service rather than a contractor.

  3. Geoff,

    First off, I have to say I’m very impressed with your sites that I have seen. Secondly, you are correct, we are simply providing recruiting services for one of our clients for a permanent position in this case.

    Branch Manager
    Robert Half Technology

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