Rogers: Director, IVR Channel Applications

Rogers is looking for a Director, IVR Channel Applications:

The purpose of this specific position is to direct the overall activates for the Rogers’ Channel Service Delivery platform within the Information Technology department. The responsibilities include:

  • Manage the Channel/Web development integrated platform, its technology and evolution
  • Be accountable for the design, development, and management of related application software activities to meet business needs. Assess the success of each project against business objectives
  • Manage and evolve the tools and processes within the organization to deliver on-time, on-budget, meeting and exceeding business and IT expectations in an agile manner.
    Transition the current development methodology from waterfall to a supported iterative development process
  • Build out the delivery team to meet the newly defined IT organizational model
  • Act as mentor to the Managers with regards to development of their staff, hiring of new staff, performance issues and compensation decisions
  • Establish career development plans to support enhanced individual performance and succession planning with the I.T. group
  • Perform vendor management of external vendors including working with their senior management on strategic systems issues to systems/technology directions
  • Provide status reports to senior management
  • Define future projects, resources, timelines, and projected costs
  • Prioritize projects and allocate overall recourses in accordance with IT commitments, goals and objectives
  • Manages project budgets and makes decisions on matters that may involve a large expenditures of money

The Good
Sounds like a pretty senior role at Rogers, and Rogers is a big telco that’s been doing fairly well lately. It also sounds like an opportunity to be a real process-champion at Rogers, bringing them into the world of Agile development.

The Bad
Rumors from friends-of-friends insiders imply that Rogers has typical big-company tech problems, and that it’s not exactly a haven for great software development. That might be something you can change, or the rumors might be false, but it probably behooves you to try and get a better sense of that before joining.

It’s in Brampton. I don’t even usually bother listing jobs in Brampton, because they’re really only applicable to a much smaller subset of people and aren’t really that interesting to me personally.

What’s Missing
For all the words in the posting, there’s still a lot missing. Where in Brampton? What’s the compensation like? What kind of work does ‘IVR Channel Applications’ cover — what will you be working on? What’s the size and composition of the team? What’s the current process in place, and what does the desired agile process look like? How do you and your team fit in with the rest of the company organizational structure, and what’s the process like in working with the rest of the company? What are your near-term, medium-term and long-term goals? What’s the technology stack like? What is the ‘newly defined IT organizational model’? And so on.

Your mileage may vary when it comes to dragging Rogers kicking and screaming into the world of Agile. The posting implies a desire to change, but that doesn’t mean that everyone (or anyone) on your team will agree, or knows what that really means. Change can be painful, and you could be leading the charge. That’s either a great opportunity or a big headache, and that’s for you to decide.

In Summary
This is interesting if you’re willing to work in Brampton, and you fancy the challenge of championing Agile within Rogers as a Director.


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