On De-Listing

When I list a job and I’ve had any contact with that company, I like to pass on a link to the contact.  That gives the company a chance to respond and/or clarify, if they desire, and it lets them know that I’ve posted it before they find out for themselves.

Recently, I passed on a listing to the contact at the company and got a slightly frosty response for the first time.  I can only imagine they weren’t perfectly happy with the points I made about the job posting, and that perhaps some of those points were accurate, and thus not easily responded-to.

In any case, it seems like a good time to be clear: If you’re not interested in being listed, then I probably don’t want to list your job.  If I’ve listed a job and you’re in a position of authority for the company that originally posted that job, and you want me to remove the listing, let me know, and we can talk.

Since I haven’t had to do this yet, I don’t yet know what the appropriate response would be.  I wouldn’t want to simply remove the posting, in case someone wanted to return to it.  I wouldn’t be comfortable with selective editing to remove things you’re unhappy with, as that would remove the editorial nature of the posting.  I might, however, consider removing the links, the company name, and any really obvious identifying information and inserting an update to that effect.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that potential employers understand that I’m open to that dialogue.


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