FutureBrand: Director of Technology

ROSS is helping FutureBrand look for a Director of Technology:

The Director of Technology is in charge of leading the technology team and ensuring that The company remains on top of the current technology trends in regards to the products it delivers and the tools it uses. You will be expected to provide and support the staff with an infrastructure to do their job effectively. A major purpose of the role includes the strategic planning of all tools and web development through the envisioning of rich feature-sets in each of the Software Platform, Tools, and all web site development.


  • Supervise and critique the technology team to deliver innovative solutions with expertise.
  • Be proactive and collaborative in the relationship with the account team.
  • Continually communicate with managers on updates and status.
  • Assist and give input during complicated presentation preparation.
  • Coordinate the project schedule by working closely with the technology team to prioritize the workload and team utilization.
  • Produce strategic roadmap and plans for tools and web development that meet the business goals
  • Continually communicate with managers on updates and status.
  • Lead brainstorming sessions.
  • Continually analyze and improve the overall development process.
  • Leading software development and the entire lifecycle of development
  • Supervise the IT infrastructure for internal and external solutions
  • Mentor, coach and train senior and entry levels software developers and interns.


The Good
Sounds like a senior role with a reasonable role definition, and if a lot of their work comes from Dubai, then it’s possible that FutureBrand is more recession-resistant than many.  The technology stack seems reasonable for the most part.

Their location (at least, according to the futurebrand website) is both good and bad.  Queen’s Quay Terminal is a great building, on the water, with decent food and coffee, easy access to the highways, and not too far from Union.  On the other hand, it’s still a bit of a walk from Union and it’s pretty isolated from the city at large, so if you find yourself wanting something that isn’t right there, you’re going to find that it takes a while to get anywhere else.  If you’re taking transit, you’d end up wanting to take the Streetcar in the winter, and I’m not sure how frequently that runs.

The Bad
The listed salary is not quite as high as I’d expect for this kind of position; it may be true that the kind of work that FutureBrand undertakes is uncomplicated and so they’re looking to pay accordingly.  Alternately, they may have adjusted their expectations based on the downturn, with the assumption that they can “get a better deal,” which might be true. 

Also, inquiries when FutureBrand posted this job directly were met with silence, which is unfortunate.

What’s Missing
A sense of the work — what a technology team at FutureBrand is actually likely to do?  What kind of work does FutureBrand typically do?  What kind of solutions do they pitch?  

Are you building small agency sites, or something more significant?  What would the composition of the team likely to be — they say 8-12 individuals, but they also mention front-end technologies, so perhaps you’ll be managing a team of HTML and CSS.  Is the team already in place, or is this something for which you’d be likely to be doing a lot of hiring?  A stronger sense of the process that would be employed here.

Of course, this is predicated on the fact that this posting is, indeed, FutureBrand.  Otherwise, there are even more questions about the location, the company, and so forth.

Your mileage may vary when it comes to Windows Server — it wouldn’t be my choice for a server environment, although it sounds like it might be theirs.  Your mileage may also vary when it comes to travel, although the listed percentage of ‘no more than 20%’ doesn’t seem to onerous for most people.   There’s also a mix of Java and PHP mentioned in the technology stack, and not everyone experienced with one is fond of the other.

In Summary
If being a director of technology in a marketing/agency environment appeals to you and the salary doesn’t seem objectionable, could be worth further investigation.


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