Unspecified: Senior Application Developer J2EE

Comsys is helping an unspecified company is looking for a ‘Senior Application Developer J2EE‘:

Our client, a leading Canadian technology company, is seeking a Senior J2EE Application Developer with team lead/management experience to be responsible for leading a small team in the design, Development, Release, and Support of software applications for both internal and external clients using J2EE. Reporting to the Director of Application Development, the individual will work closely with the Solution engineer to define technical requirements and proposed architecture and solutions, provide first level time estimates and work breakdown for input into project plan, and provide mentoring to Domino developers.

-Experienced in J2EE Core Patterns
-Experience with Hibernate
-Experience with Spring framework
-Experience with non-EJB
-Ajax experience
-UI (user interface) experience

The Good
The technology stack — Spring/Hibernate — is a good one.  Ajax is a reasonable request.  The desire to use non-EJB models for Java Enterprise Edition is a good instinct.  You don’t often see companies explicitly request “non-EJB.”

The Bad
It’s been my experience that people looking for seniors ‘with lead experience’ are typically hoping to get a bit of a bargain by getting someone who can lead without paying what team leads usually get paid.  Then again, if you’ve got limited lead experience and you’d like to do more but can’t get a job with the people looking for people with lots of lead experience, this might be a good fit.  

Also, while it’s reasonable to want an end-to-end web developer to know some HTML and CSS, some people who ask for these skills assume you’re going to flesh out the back end and do the web design for them, so I’d want to verify those expectations.  Knowing HTML and CSS basics and more is reasonable, but there’s only so far these expectations should go.

What’s Missing
A lot.  What’s the company?  What do they do?  What project(s) would you be working on?  What’s the org structure you’d be working in, and how does this ‘Solution Engineer’ fit into it?  Are you working on a team?  If so, what’s the size and composition of that team?  What’s the compensation?  What’s the process like?  Where are they located?   etc.

Your mileage may vary when it comes to working somewhere that makes reference to Lotus Domino; it’s hard to understand how that fits into the technology stack described in the main body of the posting. 

In Summary
If you’re a Java developer with limited lead experience, this might be a good opportunity to get more leadership experience in a company with a reasonable technology stack.  You might want to learn a little bit more about why Domino rates a mention.


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