Unspecified: Service-Oriented Architect [sic]

Hudson is helping an unspecified company look for a “Service-Oriented Architect“:

Our client is seeking a highly effective Service Oriented Architect to join their team. This role will focus on the design and development of SOA which delivers integrations across organizations and extended enterprises through new web services.

  • Lead large-scale business application design efforts
  • Independently interacts at the director-level in client organizations
  • Demonstrates expertise with a broad set of development tools/technologies
  • Has a firm understanding of design methods and architectures
  • Assists the Project Manager in establishing team goals, objectives, and budget
  • Provides support to the sales effort on new business development pursuits

I’m sure most of the people reading the posting realize that the architecture is service-oriented rather than the architect, but it amuses me nontheless.  Unfortunately, there isn’t really enough meat on the posting to go into details.  Sounds like it could be a senior role somewhere, but there’s just too much missing information to be more than amused.  If you’re into SOA and you’d like an architect position, you could inquire for more details.


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