OANDA: Java Developer

OANDA is looking for a Java Developer:

A culture of transparency and openness, and a continued focus on constantly developing innovative technology.​ At OANDA, you will work under the leadership of computer science and economics experts in an almost lab-like environment.​ You will develop and challenge your skills every day.​ You will have the ability to be self-directed in your work within a collaborative team structure.​ You’ll enjoy the immediacy of a small company, but use the most advanced tools/​technologies that a large firm can offer.​ And to maintain that community feel at OANDA we offer flexibility & sociability with things like a concierge service, on-site massage therapist, catered lunches, Friday @​ 4 gatherings and more.​

The Good
Well, for starters, OANDA had a $100M cash infusion about a year ago, apparently.   It’s not clear how that cash was infused, exactly, but I have trouble imagining that this is bad news in a potential employer.  Reports from friends of friends imply that this is a fun place to work.

The Bad
Despite their apparent positioning in Forex, their website gives off a distinct amateur feel to me, although I can’t always put my finger on why.  Reports from friends of friends also that it’s not a place that’s terribly well-paid and has a history in simpler code-bases, and possibly has a lot of technical debt racked up. 

What’s Missing
A lot, really.  What’s the compensation like?  How senior a Java developer are they looking for?  Are they mostly Java-based or is there still a ton of whatever the historical development model was (Perl/CGI, maybe)?  Are you working on a team?  How big a team?  What would your role be with respect to that team?  Who would you be reporting to?  What would you be working on?  

Where are they located?  Their website points to a post-office box in a Holiday Inn — do they have offices there, or are they located somewhere else?  I gather they’ve moved recently.

And so on.

Your mileage may vary when it comes to working in a ‘young company’ (coming again from that whole friends-of-friends source).

In Summary
If you’ve got a Java background and you’re looking for a job, they might be worth talking to to learn more — it’s really hard to say.  There’s not very much explicitly wrong with the posting, there’s just not a lot of information.


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