Adobe Flex and Contract Rates

Adobe Flex is something I’ve considered spending more time with at several points.  It gives you a more application-like programming model while still having a decent number of options with respect to the back end.  There seem to be a number of Flex/Java hybrids out there, which lets me leverage my existing knowledge well, and most interestingly the contract rates tend to be pretty good: a $90/hr contract in Waterloo is the most recent reminder of that.

That said, I’m really rooting for the open web, and after seeing some of the limitations of Flex when it comes to working with REST APIs, I’m more skeptical than I once was.  It’s interesting, but I’m not sold.


2 Responses to Adobe Flex and Contract Rates

  1. Hey Geoffrey,

    I think they are paying 90/hour for 10+ years of SAP as opposed to Flex Java.
    SAP jobs in general pay very well, and I would say 90/hour is not that high for SAP Team Lead.


  2. Yeah, looking at it again, the amount of SAP experience they’re looking for might well be a big factor in that posting, although, certainly I’ve seen some well-paid Flex contracts t hat didn’t call for significant amounts of other experience. Thanks for pointing it out, though.

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