Ministry of Transportation: Manager, Applications and Business Solutions Office

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is looking for a Manager, Applications and Business Solutions Office:

You will: lead the analysis of Ministry business systems and define client requirements; lead and manage multiple, long range systems for development and maintenance projects; direct project planning, develop Request For Proposals (RFPs) and develop performance measures; provide regular updates to program management and clients; coordinate projects within the division, ministry and across ministries and/or with industry; direct the development, review and approval of systems design for projects involving the application and implementation of new and innovative technologies and methods; coordinate market research to identify and evaluate innovative technology trends, productivity tools and methods; develop partnerships with clients, other ministries and jurisdictions and inter-disciplinary colleagues.

The Good
It’s a senior role in a visible organization — the Ontario government.  Although I don’t know the specifics, it’s likely that the pay is below average for a particular role but that the compensation is made up for in other ways, like what might be a good pension plan, and a stable employer.  That said, the pay range suggested for this particular role doesn’t seem horribly substandard, and the government is a good employer during a downturn. 

The Bad
It sounds to me like the Ministry of Transportation outsources a lot of the development work.  In my experience, this tends to lead to adverserial relationships and problems, but perhaps the Ministry of Transportation is better at it than organizations with which I’ve previously worked, or perhaps the outsourcing side is over-emphasized.   It’s something to think about and talk about.  It’s also true sometimes that the desire for transparent, repeatable, arguable processes results in governments being somewhat slow-moving.

What’s Missing?
What are the projects you’d be managing?  Who do you report to, and who are you managing?  What’s the mix of internal development resources and external consultants?  What kind of relationship have they built up with their vendors?  What would be your near-term goals?  What technologies are being employed on these projects?

Not everyone wants to work in the public sector.  Not everyone wants a role that isn’t very hands-on.   If you’d rather something more hands on, perhaps you want to look into the Senior Enterprise Project Lead position which follows.

In Summary
If you’d like a senior, visible role in the public sector, a reasonably well-paid managerial role in the Ontario Ministry of Transportation seems like it could be a good fit.


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