Ministry of Education: Senior Enterprise Project Lead

The Ministry of Education is looking for a Senior Enterprise Project Lead:

In this challenging role, you will: plan, co-ordinate and control multiple concurrent projects and enterprise initiatives that address major business needs of client ministries and agency program areas; provide leadership and technical expertise in identifying solutions and deliverables, implementation of common approaches, technologies and standards; manage the development of comprehensive, integrated and detailed master project plans; monitor and track detailed technical aspects of projects and providing project management expertise, advice and guidance to clients; monitor deliverables for contract compliance; prepare Request for Services, Request for Proposals, and Request for Quotations, (RFSs, RFPs and RFQs), and evaluate proposals.

The Good
A senior role in the public sector in a visible organization — the Ontario Government.  A stable employer going into a downturn of unknown length and severity.  Working in the public sector gives you the opportunity to focus on helping your fellow citizens rather than maximizing profit.

The Bad
It sounds like you’re going to spend more time working with proposals than working with technology. 

What’s Missing
What projects would you be leading?  Are you going to be doing actual implementation work, or just making sure that it gets done?  Are you working with an in-house development team, or just working with vendors?  What’s the local organizational structure in which you’d find yourself?  What are your near-term goals?  If you’re working with local teams, what are their sizes and compositions?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to working in the public sector, and even though this sounds more  hands-on than the Manager, Applications and Business Services Office at the Ministry of Transportation, it still doesn’t sound like a really hands-on technical role. 

In Summary
If a senior role working for the Ontario government sounds appealing, then perhaps this is your gig.


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