Givex: Programmer / Senior Application Developer

Givex is looking for a Programmer / Senior Application Developer:

You will join a team of competent and experienced Developers; 6-8 individuals. Daily responsibilities include programming, analysis and design. You will work on new development projects and existing systems in a 24/7 transaction-processing environment.


  • Development in UNIX environment on significant projects
  • Strong Database Design Skills; Database applications development and relational database management systems; Fluent in SQL
  • Programming languages: Python, C, C++, Java (some) and additional experience in other programming languages
  • Experience in writing client / server database applications using Object Oriented languages
  • UNIX networking experience with solid understanding of virtual memory, filesystems, job control and Strong knowledge of NetBSD, PostgreSQL and Linux
  • Application development experience in the financial industry, including: POS systems programming, debit and credit card terminals, POS devices, and communication protocols
  • Understanding of Extreme Programming practices and rules


The Good
Most development jobs are narrowly focused on a single platform.  It sounds like Givex development is a little more varied.  Python is also first on their list, although I’m not certain that list is in priority order.  It also sonds like they’re looking for people with a good understanding of Unix development – perhaps not kernel coding, but stil lower-level than your average enterprisey application. 

I believe their location is Adelaide and Charlotte — that’s not a bad area to work, good food and shops around, not too far off the main subway lines.

The Bad
I’m not certain why their application process asks some of the questions that it does, like whether or not you’re a smoker, and the question about filling out quizzes.  I suspect they’re a little security-concerned, but it’s a bit of an irritant.

What’s Missing
It’s not very clear what the team structure and composition is like.  What’s the compensation like?  What would you be working on in particular?  Is the team you’re working on the only software team?  How big is the company?  What’s the culture really like?  How does the mix of technologies actually play out in practice?  Why is the application process so unusual?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to the whole ‘time and commitment’ angle they mention in the application process; it might just be a culture that emphasizes getting the work done, or it might be a culture of overwork; you’d have to try and tease some of that out in the interview process.

In Summary
If you want to do Python, C and C++ in pursuit of transaction-processing and card solutions, you might want to consider Givex.


9 Responses to Givex: Programmer / Senior Application Developer

  1. JustMe says:

    Sounds more like an application for the Hitlet Youth program.

  2. gpe says:

    In their employment application process, they advise that their mandatory working hours are 8:30 am to 6:00 pm on a required 44 hr work week.

    Not exactly a shining model of work/life balance.

  3. CTI says:

    Definitely is a culture of overwork and little recognition. Givex wasn’t joking when they mention the 24/7 environment. It’s 44 hours on the books, but in reality, it involves overnight and weekend on-calls on top of the already full work week.

    It’s a great area to work in considering no microwave or fridge exists in the office itself (that’s right, Givex doesn’t believe in the health benefits of keeping food fresh in a refridgerator). So the variety of restaurants in that area make scavenging for food easy.

    But if you like long hours doing work that won’t really benefit you in any other arena, this may be a great starting point for you. After all, who doesn’t want to be managed by people who have no idea how to be a manager, or how to talk to other people with respect?

  4. HUK says:

    U don’t want to work here unless you’re totally doiwn and out and can’t find anything else to do for cash.

    You’ll be subjected to long hours without exception, without break facilitys or eating area and if u are ever sick, expect your boss or someone else on management to check up on you. Don’t expec sick pay either.

    I thaink that the non-smoking culture there is to prevent ppl from converging together on a regular basis on smoke breaks. They want t o get the most out of u while theya can and a 6 minute breaks twixce a day is time theft! Also smokers tend to converge in groups and they say misery loves company…

  5. DL says:

    My friend used to worked here before. Long hours less break. Boss are really bossy and strict. Perfectionist! Power tripper as well. No trainings and growth. They moved people from one department to another. The observation of this article is really true. It’s a small company only big bosses who started this company stay longer. No wonder you can see their job postings even in craigslist and other free ads almost the whole year. People quit or get fired for petty reasons.

  6. Duudies says:

    I went for an interview here and met with a guy who was about hal f my age who would be my boss if I took the job. He mentioned that he gradulated from universeity a few years ago but was a VICE PRESIDENT all the same.

    I did not take the jbo because i got offered soemthing by the bank for more money and without the crazy 44 hours per week owrking commitment.

  7. John says:

    Don’t work here, it’s a pretty bad environment. It’s good to build up resume when you come fresh out of university and that’s all.

    They are pretty stubborn with they believe is right and the “warrior” bulshit.

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