Technology Career Fair: 19-Nov-2008

CareerDoor is holding a technology career fair on 19-Nov-2008 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  Has anyone been to one of these?  I’ve mostly seen these for new graduates, although there’s nothing that says it couldn’t work for experienced technologists.


One Response to Technology Career Fair: 19-Nov-2008

  1. mike says:

    I attended this last year and i have about 10 years experience in software development. My case is probably not the average one, since I spent the last 8 years of my career in the USA and I have limited network contacts around Toronto. I mainly went to make sure my resume looked marketable to the technologists around here, in case my work-from home job (with my former USA employer) was eliminated. I made some contacts and was offered some contracts but I’m still happy with my current situation.

    IMHO If you have a long (5+ year) history of working in and around Toronto AND are not in a hurry to jump from where you are, you’ll probably already have “ins” via your personal contacts into the companies that recruit via this event.

    However, if you are actively looking for a job ASAP, you can get a lot of face-time with potential employers just by walking around with a handful of resumes for an hour.

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