Unspecified: Python Developer

An unspecified company is looking for a Python Developer:

We are currently seeking a Developer with recent Python experience, either in a business or an educational environment. You may be a recent university grad with open source experience you can point to, or a seasoned developer. In addition to Python you will be working with Zope, Twisted, HTTP, Ajax and SQL and any experience in those areas would be helpful.

As part of our team you will have significant opportunities to contribute to our market leading role while working with a variety of technologies in developing new product features. We are a world leader with our applications. 

The Good
The technology stack sounds reasonable if you’re a Pythonista: Zope, Twisted, Ajax.   That’s enough for some who’re looking to work in Python.  If they are indeed ‘a world leader’, then that could be exciting as well.

The location, King and Spadina, is a decent one, although it’d help to know exactly where.  You’re not too far off Chinatown and Queen West, not too far from the subway.  Then again, if it’s halfway to Bathurst, you might find it’s a little too far off the subway for some.

They seem open to a wide range of experience levels, which increases the odds that they might be interested in you.

The Bad
A company doing Python/Twisted that’s “a world leader” in Toronto near King/Spadina?  Either they’re pretty good at flying under the radar, or they might be exaggerating a little.   I don’t know who they might be and Google isn’t helping.

They seem open to a wide range of experience levels, which might mean they don’t have high expectations that you have to meet and might not be expecting to pay a whole lot.  Then again, there’s only one way to know for sure: apply.

What’s Missing?
Who are they?   What would you be working on?  Are you working alone, or as a member of a team?  If the latter, what’s the size and composition of that team, and how would you fit into it?  Where exactly are they located?  What’s the compensation package?  What do they lead the world in?  Who would you be reporting to?  What would your goals be?

There’s really not enough detail for me to know where your mileage is likely to vary, but I guess your mileage might vary about applying to a position based on this thin slice of information. 

In Summary
If you’re working in Python or interested in doing so, then you’d probably want to try and learn a little more so you can decide if this is an interesting position.


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