Thomson Carswell: Technical Lead

Thomson Carswell is looking for a Technical Lead with a background in Java:

As Technical Lead you will participate in the analysis, specification, development, extension and integration of an Enterprise Content Acquisition, Management and Publishing System.

 Your duties will include:

 ·         analyzing and sizing development/construction activities;

·         assessing team member abilities and allocate tasks accordingly (in concert with Sr. Architect and Project Co-coordinator);

·         monitoring development activities;

·         regularly reporting the status and progress of development activities;

·         identifying development issues and resolve/escalate in concert with team members;

·         producing and reviewing UML artifacts;

·         producing or leading Technology Assessments;

·         producing code / scripts / configurations as required and leading code reviews;

·         ensuring development team follows proscribed processes;

·         planning and managing code versioning and code builds/branching, producing deployment plans and instructions;

·         developing support and maintenance management plans of production systems;

·         supporting System Integration and User Acceptance Testing;

·         managing defect resolution; and

·         supporting, training and mentoring developers.


The Good
Thomson Carswell has ~700 employees, and is part of Thomson Reuters, a company with a 25B Market Cap.  It seems like this should be a company with resources.  They’ve also won awards for ‘Top Employer’ and ‘Best Workplace’, although details about why are scant.  Unfortunately for Carswell, they didn’t take the opportunity to sell the good points of working at Carswell in this posting.  This is a moderately senior role.

The Bad
They’re up at Kennedy/401.  If you’re not already in northeast toronto, it’s a bit of a trek; many people will disqualify them on this basis alone.  

The team and process here feels very hieararchical, in terms of how roles are described.  References such as “proscribed processes”, task allocation, UML are hints that it’ll be a defined-process environment rather than a “get the job done” environment.  That said, they’re just hints — you’ll have to talk to Carswell to get a better feel.

And then the usual gaps in information.  What exactly is the process?  What’s will Carswell be doing with this content management and acquisition application?  What’s the team you’d be leading — what kind of team members and how many?  Who would you report to, and what would your goals be?  What’s the process?  What’s the compensation?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to the aforementioned location.

Not everyone wants to work for a big company.  Big companies tend to have resources, but come with policies and politics that isn’t everyone’s choice.

In Summary
If you’ve got a background in content management and you’re highway-commuting from the north or east, this could be interesting.  Talk to Carswell, get a feel for them, and try and learn why they’ve won awards as an employer and workplace.


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