Enstream: Director of Technology

Enstream is looking for a Director of Technology

  • Work with Product Management to gather product requirements and build them into the technology architecture and roadmap for our mobile commerce platform
  • Define the software and server architecture to support the evolution of our mobile payments service
  • Manage the full software development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Build and manage an outstanding team of highly talented software architects, developers, QA analysts, systems administrators, network engineers and security specialists
  • Manage and mentor the internal software development team as well as external contractors
  • Manage the software development process and release schedule
  • Conduct code reviews and provide technical recommendations to the engineering team
  • Review and recommend technical improvements to software and systems architecture
  • Establish software development standards, quality assurance processes, deployment methodologies and best practices
  • Implement and oversee high-availability server and network infrastructure operating in multiple data center environments
  • Implement security policies and procedures
Enstream is a joint venture of Bell, Rogers and Telus to develop a mobile payments system.

The Good
A senior role in a company that might take a very visible role in Mobile in Canada and beyond could be pretty interesting.  The description of the role seems reasonable.  The location seems to be University and Wellington, which is a decent place to work — accessible by transit, Go and highway, and good access to stores and food.

The Bad
While it’s a company with big backers, it is in many other ways just a startup.  Will the backers give it all the support it needs, or just get in the way?  What’s the funding like, and what kind of relationship do these big telecom companies have with Enstream?  Are they pigs, or chickens?

How big is the team and the company already?  How big does it need to be?  Has Enstream already made headway, or are they just starting?  What will this mobile payment platform actually do, and are the targets reasonable ones?  Is this the sort of company that thrives or falls in a downturn?  Is the process really an agile one?  These kinds of questions need further details.

Although Agile rates a mention, the comments about documentation tools and UML tools may imply a more formal process which might vary your mileage.

In Summary
If you’ve got a background in payment processing and the skills to be a director, this could be pretty interesting.


2 Responses to Enstream: Director of Technology

  1. […] Follow-Up: Director of Technology Looks like Robert Half has gotten involved in the search for a Director of Technology for Enstream. […]

  2. Fred Frith says:

    This company, if you can call it that, is drifting along hoping to cash on the mobile payment space in Canada. Keep in mind that to do mobile payments requires data bandwidth which in turn costs extra beyond the normal mobile voice usage. Unfortunately Canada has some of the highest mobile data rate charges in the world so couple this with how many people are really going to use the mobile data service.
    The group internally has had an extremely high turnover rate so one should think twice about becoming involved.

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