Unspecified: Senior Application Developer

Most of the decent postings lately have been unspecified recruiter postings, like this one, which has been making the rounds.  Someone’s looking for a Senior Application Developer:

The Application Developer – Java is responsible for the Development and Support of software applications for both internal & external clients using Java and open source frameworks. They will work under the guidance of the Team Captain as part of a team to define and build these solutions. 

– Experience with various MVC frameworks – Struts and JSF preferred 

– Experience with ORM frameworks – Hibernate and iBATIS preferred 

– Experience with AJAX based frameworks – DWR and Dojo preferred 

The Good
The technologies seem decent.  There isn’t a lot of details in the posting that are objectionable, although there isn’t really a lot of detail. 

The Bad
Although most developers I know have some understanding of both HTML/CSS and of back-end coding, I know very few people who are actually really experienced and good at both sides.  So when I see a job posting that is looking for both, it makes me wonder if they’ve got unrealistic expectations for the role.

That said, more information is required before anyone can relly make a call on this job.  What’s the company?  What do they do?  What would you be working on?  How big’s the team?  What are their expectations for your role?  What’s the compensation and the process?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to posts that mention Struts.  I know some would run screaming rather than even inquire.  Your mileage may also vary when it comes to companies that use the role ‘Team Captain’, which is novel to me.

In Summary
If you’re a senior developer with a Java background, this might be worh further investigation.


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