Unspecified: Application Development Manager

Nexstaf is helping an unspecified company look for an Application Development Manager

Currently 8 developers now, may grow to 20-to be determined

Strong technical skills, code walk thru, etc.

Resource management

Project management skills

Strong knowledge of SDLC, able to define SDLC, end to end knowledge of SDLC

Deployment experience

Strong client relationship skills with the ability to determine and deliver to business requirements

Our client did not have and application development group in the past, person must have a good knowledge of how to build a development group, understand to process. Provide guidance to staff, coach and mentor.

Person would ideally come from an application development background, with strong technical and management skills

The Good
It’s a senior position, and the what little information there is in the posting sounds pretty reasonable.  The known compensation is good (110k + 15% bonus == 126.5k if all goes well), and assuming it’s a component of an overall compensation package (e.g. benefits), the overall package is probably pretty solid.

It sounds like a pretty hands-on role, which would be appealing to some of you, and  yet, it doesn’t imply that you’re going to have a ‘Dev Manager’ title and spend 90% of your time writing code, which is unrealistic.

The Bad
There’s almost no information in the posting.   I won’t even attempt to list all the gaps, they’re just too numerous.  This is a typical recruiter hook to encourage you to call them, but it does irritate me.  I don’t generally post items with this level of information, but the information that is listed is comparison 

Your mileage may vary when it comes to an employer that hasn’t had a development group in the past and now has one and wants to expand it.  It either means that it’s a great opportunity to really set things up “the right way” or it’s potentially a long slog of working with a company that doesn’t understand software development.   Either way, I think that that’s one area of the posting you’d want to explore in more detail.

In Summary
If you’re an application development manager of a tech lead with manager aspirations and a .NET background, this might be worth further investigation. 


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