Telus: HSPA Mobile Device Platform & Services Architect

Telus is looking for what they’re calling an HSPA Mobile Device Platform & Services Architect.  In essence, Telus is rolling out a new technology platform along with Bell, and they’re hiring to fill some roles, including this one, which seems to be largely a planning and liason role to work with vendors, standards groups, and Telus to create roadmaps and strategize about this platform:

TELUS is looking for an individual to fill a Terminal Planning role, a position within the TELUS CTO Office, reporting to the Manager, Terminal Planning. The position is responsible for defining the 18 months to 5 year Terminal roadmap and strategy for the enablement of wireless services on mobile devices. The position will support TELUS plans to launch innovative and future friendly services over our next generation mobile devices while ensuring alignment with TELUS core and access networks.

Your enthusiasm for learning, love of a challenge and leadership capabilities will be keys to your success.

It sounds like this role requires a pretty solid background in Telecom, and my background in Telecom is probably not strong enough to pick out all of the good and bad points in this description.

The Good
Telus is a pretty big force in Canadian telecom. and from what I can tell, HSPA is the future for at least Bell and Telus, so this could be a pretty significant role in a pretty significant company in Canadian Telecom in a future-facing technology.  

The Bad
Some aspects of the role are well-described, others less so.   Where will this job be, out at Scarborough Town Centre, where much of Telus’ work gets done?  Is there a lot of travel involved?  Who will you be working with?  What’s the compensation package like?  What kind of process would you be following?  What kind of goals will you have in your first few years, and how will you be measured?

This role sounds like it’s mostly about planning, strategy, liason — talking to people, connecting people, reporting status, making plans, and so forth.  If you’re looking for anything vaguely hands-on, this is probably less interesting.  Not everyone can feel good about their work and productive when they spend the day in and out of meetings and Office documents.

In Summary
If you’ve got a background in telecom and you think that working the strategy/planning side of a major technology rollout for a major Canadian telecom carrier sounds like fun, then this is probably a gig worth looking into.


2 Responses to Telus: HSPA Mobile Device Platform & Services Architect

  1. Wireless Services says:

    I hope this will be very good for having this opportunity. This role looks difficult but quite interesting to do. The description given here is very nice.

  2. Mike Marrs says:

    – the preferred productivity tool at telus is the Powerpoint presentation. You must use the required templates and format.
    – to go along with the powerpoint is the 1 hour conference calls/meeting to present the powerpoint to 20 -30 participants most will have nothing to say, most just listen in like ghosts.
    Actually most people don’t even listen, its a good time to do other things and people won’t bug you if they see you are on a conf call.
    – Conf Calls are also good to annoy and disrupt your coworkers by using speaker phone.
    – Architect jobs are more about finding the right resources to do the actual work and managing the communication stream upwards.
    – The equipment vendors do the architecture and design, so managing them is also a big part of a architects role.

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