Deloitte: Senior Manager, Development

Deloitte is looking for a Senior Manager, Development:


Working as a member of the Global Office of Information Management, the Senior Manager, O2E Development will have responsibility for managing resources located in Canada, the United States and India, developing enterprise applications supporting the Opportunity to Engagement (O2E) Business Solution. 
The O2E Business Solution is responsible for developing global solutions supporting the Opportunity to Engagement business process.  Specifically, it includes the development of the global Data Warehouse, reporting and analytic Business Intelligence solutions, our global Customer Data Integration capability, and other integration initiatives that support the overall business process. 
The successful candidate will have a minimum of ten (10) years progressively senior experience in development management, architecture and development.  The candidate’s technical focus should be data integration, including ETL, SOA and other integration platforms.  The candidate would ideally also have experience leading web-based enterprise application development teams and application architects. 


The Good
It’s a senior role in a large, successful company.  My wife did work with Deloitte (in a non-technical role) and only had good things to say about them as an employer, from what she could see.  The role is reasonably well described and the information that’s there seems pretty reasonable.  For a manager position, that’s fairly rare.

It’s also a pretty senior and visible .NET position.  A lot of the .NET I see is pretty small-time; this is bigger than most.

The Bad
It’d be great to have more information on compensation, the process, the size of the team you’d be leading (and its distribution), what work you’d be doing (unless you already know the O2E process and the software that supports it), any unspecified goals or need for travel, etc.

Your mileage may vary in terms of taking on a new role in the credit crisis, particularly for a consultancy.  That said, I haven’t heard any bad news about Deloitte in particular. 

Your mileage may also vary with a hands-off role, and it sounds like this role is more of a manage-and-liase role than it is a code-and-test role.  Not surprising for a manager at Deloitte, but probably not everyone’s choice.

In Summary
This is most interesting if you’ve got a .NET background and you’re looking for a management position


3 Responses to Deloitte: Senior Manager, Development

  1. Dean says:

    Is there a link to this job? I couldn’t find it when searching on Deloitte’s careers site.

  2. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    There was. Looks like it may have been taken down.

  3. Dean says:

    Thanks. I’ll keep an eye open. Maybe it will pop up again.

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