Royal Bank of Canada: Enterprise Application Architect

The Royal Bank (RBC) is loking for an Enterprise Application Architect:

The Applications Architecture group of RBC’s Enterprise Architecture Services is responsible to research, design and develop application architecture strategies, directions and frameworks; collaborate in order to shorten application delivery cycles, improve quality and encourage reuse of application assets.  As an Application Architect you are responsible for providing application architecture leadership and direction for the Enterprise.  You will engage with vendors and analysts to understand applications trends and futures and ensure that the enterprise is positioned to take advantage of new directions for applications. You will work with Lead Architects, Solution Architects, Business Architects, project managers and application subject matter experts to review business drivers, needs and strategies and understand implications to overall application architecture.  You will have the opportunity to participate in technology planning sessions and anticipate future technology changes.

The Good
It’s a senior / strategic role in a pretty big company.  And although the credit crisis is wreaking havoc in finance, so far the Canadian Banks seem to be holding up under the strain.


The Bad
There’s lots of room for improvement in terms of the details:

  • Where would you be working?  Front Street West is not the biggest area to search through for a Royal Bank office, but would it really kill them to just spit out an address?
  • What does an enterprise architect at the Royal Bank get in terms of compensation?
  • Why is this job category ‘investment advisor’?
  • What kinds of projects would you be architecting?  
  • What’s the process here, and how would you be closing the feedback loop with the implementation team?  Who will you be working with day-to-day, are there other architects with whom you’ll be collaborating?
  • Are there goals, metrics to be met?
And so on.

Although there are justifiable reasons to want an enterprise service bus, and I have to imagine that some people think the Open Group’s TOGAF and Zachman are well worth knowing, this is clearly not everyone’s cup of tea, nor is ‘governance’.

Your mileage may vary when it comes to an architecture job that isn’t directly tied to actual implementation work.  From what I gather from the job description, you’ll spend your time architecting, not architecting a little and being seriously involved with the resulting implementation.  You’ll be a chicken, not a pig. 

Your mileage may also vary about working for a financial institution during the credit crisis.

In Summary
I imagine this is mostly interesting if being a development-free architect for a bank sounds like your thing, or if the downturn scares you and you’re thinking that Canadian banks have what it takes despite the whole credit crisis.


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