Scotiabank: Director, Application Development

Scotiabank is looking for a Director of Application Development and the recruiters have gotten involved (thingamajobdicemonster):

The incumbent is responsible for the leadership and management of the resolution
of complex initiatives within Scotia Capital, ISS and Group Treasury on a global
basis. This includes managing major multi-disciplinary projects and on-going
business initiatives to implement cost-effective solutions to business needs
worldwide. The incumbent is also responsible for the effective management and
supervision of the application development unit.

The Good
It’s a senior and visible role at a serious company, one of Canada’s banks.   And yet, despite the big banking environment, this posting doesn’t read like a list of boring business buzzwords, which is itself impressive.  Scotia has a good rep. as a place to work in awards.  The pay is decent, if the recruiters are to be believed.

The Bad
There are some holes in the information.  What are the technologies in place at Scotia?  While you might not be coding regularly or, likely, at all, your ability to effectively manage those who do might be hampered if you’re unfamiliar with the technology.  Where would you be working?  What’s the compensation like?  What processes are used here?  What’s the team like?  What would you be working on?  Would there be travel involved?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to taking a job for a financial institution during the Great Credit Crunch of 2008.  Scotia is down 18% YTD as of this writing, although as far as I know, they’re not suffering, other than in stock price.  The next few years will be interesting times in banking.

In Summary
It’s a pretty senior role for a well-known bank.


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