Unspecified: Application Development Manager

An unspecified company is looking for an Application Development Manager:

 Engineer the assigned systems (Mailr ERP and Business Intelligence) which includes analysis/design/testing set project stages tasks 
 Assign project task for implementation to team members 
 Monitor team members’ achievements & report on their performance 
 Report on current and upcoming projects 
 Handle the administrative issues related to the job 
 Communicate with departments to define their needs 
 Provide documentation of all applications details 
 Lead, coach and develop team  Strategic Thinking: Prioritize work in alignment with organizational goals and strategies 
 Decision Making/Problem Solving: Facilitate decision making through the use of appropriate tools and processes and able to make tactical decisions 
 Flexibility & Adaptability: Respond positively to change and identify impact in area 
 Planning & Organization: Accurately scope out length and difficulty of tasks and projects and manage parallel tracks or multiple tasks at the same time. 
 Effective Communication: Communicate effectively in written and oral communication 
 6 to 8 years of experience in analysis and design programming 

Despite the anonymous craigslist posting, the items within the posting point pretty directly to Globalive Communications.  I have received no confirmation, but it seems like a reasonably solid guess.  If I’m wrong, read the rest of the commentary with that in mind.  😉

The Good
It’s a reasonably senior role in what appears to be an organization which has already survived growth and poised for some more.  An organization not afraid of philanthropy, with apparently solid leadership.

If the location’s the headquarters, it’s a pretty decent location – central, easy to get to via road or subway, lots of food and shopping options around, but not buried in the worst traffic.

The Bad
It reads like a fairly hierarchical organization.  “Assign”, “Monitor”, “Report”, “Supervisor”.  These are all keywords for organizations that command from the top down as if any autonomy at the lower levels is a flaw to be tracked down and weeded out.  Then again, it could just be an awkward choice of words.  I’d try and get a sense for the vibe if you’re looking deeper. 

And then the information gaps: what does the team you’re managing actually work on?  How big is the team?  What technologies do they need?  What’s the process, the toolset?  What are the goals you’d be expected to accomplish?  What kind of compensation could you expect in return?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to working for a company that’s making some bold moves in rough economic waters.  Then again, those very same facts could spell “big opportunity” to others.  You might want to do your own reading, starting with the financial news on Google Finance.

Your mileage may also vary when it comes to ERP and Business Intelligence.  I’m not sure what to make of “Mailr”.

In Summary
Well, an application development manager position at what is already a growing company and may become Canada’s net cell-phone provider is possibly an interesting one.  If that doesn’t interest you, they’ve got a couple of other postings:  Information Technology Security Supervisor, DBA Supervisor.


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