Toronto Tech Jobs: JobCamp

I’ve been wondering about the feasibility of what I’ve been mentally calling “JobCamp”.  It wouldn’t be an UnConference so much as an UnJobFair — take some organizations looking for employees and some technology workers considering new employment, and see if they can be matched up into little groups that would periodically meet.

The potential employers could talk a little about their company, the opportunities available, what they’re looking for and how they’re unique.  The potential employees could talk a little about the kind of experience they have, what kinds of work they’re looking for and how they can add value.  If and when connections form, the potential employer and potential employee could have a more detailed conversation, either in that same event or in separate meetings they could arrange there.

Seems like something that could work, given the right combination of scale and suitable matching up front, so I’m curious.  I’ve put together a little survey on the subject, and if this interests you either as an employee or an employer, I’d be happy if you’d answer the survey.


2 Responses to Toronto Tech Jobs: JobCamp

  1. Trevor says:

    The only trouble I see with this is when the potential employee already happens to have a job…and in walks their employer : ) That might result in a very different kind of meeting. : (

    You also may get too many

    A) Recruiters
    B) Unemployables
    C) Marketing people (which is worse than B)

  2. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    [nod] I thought about the boss/employee side. I think to avoid that, you’d need some kind of mechanism. I’ve considered a few:

    – Employers register first.
    – Employers and employees register with company names; no matches allowed unless otherwise specified.
    – A secondary reason for being at the event other than job-seeking – to discourage the assumption that anyone there is looking for a job (if they’re not hiring).

    Several of these would require the final location / date / time to be a secret, at least, the kind of ‘security via obscurity’ sort of secret that would come from not posting it publically.

    That said, the precondition to figuring out how to make this work well is to find out if people even want to come. 😉 If you can get people out to these things regularly, then you can probably figure out how to make it work.

    The composition of the group would be important as well — that’s one of the reasons I included that in the survey to figure out if the only interested parties are recruiters, or employees, but no employers, and so forth.

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