Deloitte Technology Fast 50 (25-50)

Picking up where we left off on the Deloitte Fast 50, figuring out who’s local and who has jobs.

Local companies with interesting positions (or non-local companies with local positions):

  • Truition (#32) does “eCommerce destinations” at Front and University, and is looking for core developers with Java and C++, a Graphic Designer, Network Operations and QA.  I hear through the grapevine that they’ve made cuts recentely, which is hard to reconcile with being in the Fast 50, so you would want to exercise caution.
  • Bluecat Networks (#33) does ip address management at Yonge and York Mills.  They’re looking for a range of people, from Java Developers, QA, trainers, tech writers.
  • Dundas Data Visualization (#34) does data visualization (graphing, mapping, etc.) software/components that integrate with microsoft technologies, from .NET to SharePoint up at Eglinton/DVP where OnX used to fly their logo.  They’re looking for a range of people: developers, tech writers, graphic designers, evangelists.
  • PointClickCare (#35) does long-term-care software-as-a-service at 401 & Mississauga road.  They’re looking for Java developers with and without a reporting (Jasper Reports) background.
  • NRT Technology (#39) does ‘cash handling’  (mostly point-of-sale) at Finch & McCowan.  They’re looking for a developer with a C++/Java background.
  • Averna (#41) does ‘test engineering’ software out of Montreal, QC.  Most of their jobs are in Montreal, but they do have some Toronto and Toronto/Montreal openings.
  • Masstech Group (#43) does “broadcast workflow”, which seems to consist of video management solutions at Leslie & 16th (404 & 407).  They’re looking for C and Java developers.
  • Redline Communications (#47) does wireless broadband at Warden and Highway 7.  They’re looking for network hardware people and software developer.

Local companies, no interesting positions:

  • Grey Island Systems (#26) provides Internet/GPS fleet-management systems, which seem to be primarily for tracking the location/status of your fleet.  No obvious postings.

Nearly local companies, or companies with nearly-local positions:

  • Talent Technology (#29) does recruitment and hiring software out of Richmond BC, and they’re looking for core developers with .NET skills.  However, they are also hiring some Kitchener-based people with a more implementation-oriented focus.
  • Evertz Microsystems (#37) does HDTV/IPTV in Burlington.  They’re looking for hardware and software (C, Python, Java) people of all shapes and sizes.
  • Navtech (#38) does flight operations software in Waterloo.  They’re looking for a developer (C++, Perl) and QA Manager.

Non-local companies:

  • VendTek (#27) provides systems for the “global prepaid” market and financial services out of BC enabling te sale of things ranging from gift cards to ring tones.  No obvious postings.
  • WellPoint Systems (#28) does software for resource companies (Energy, Mining) in Calgary, AB.  They’re looking for some developers who know something about Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Distech Controls (#30) does building automation controls for greener buildings in Brossard, QC.  No current openings.
  • Serenic (#31) does financial management software for non-profits, NGOs and public-sector out of Edmonton, AB.  They’re looking for consultants, tech support and qa.
  • IDC (#36) does digital radiography out of Calgary, AB.  They’re looking for some QA.
  • WebTech Wireless (#40) does location-based services including vehicle-tracking and telematics out of Burnaby, BC.  They’re looking for C developers, QA manager, etc.
  • Bridgewater Systems (#42) does what they call “Subscriber-centric policy management” out of Ottawa.  They’re looking for C developers, database administrators, etc.
  • Icron Technologies (#44) does USB extension (wired or wireless) out of Burnaby BC.  They’re mostly looking for people with hardware skills.
  • Rutter (#45) does “marine technology, engineering” (according to Deloitte) in Saint John’s, NL.  They’re looking for a quality engineer.
  • Artificial Mind and Movement (#46) does video games in Montreal.  They’re looking for a variety of video-game related positions.
  • SDP Components (#48) does microwave ferrite devices and custom assemblies (?) in Dorval, QC.  They’re looking for engineers, particularly ones who know RF Microwave.
  • Intelerad Medical Systems (#49) does medical imaging software in Montreal, QC.  They’re looking for developers with a Java background.
  • Versatile Systems (#50) does in Vancouver, BC (as well as other places).  They’re looking for various roles in software development (Java, Web, Windows/Driver, Manager, QA, SysAdmin).
That’s the lot.

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