Canada Pension Plan Investment Board: Senior Java Developer (x3)

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is looking for three senior java developers:

We are currently looking for experienced Java Developers who can think outside the box and use your technical, critical thinking, and strong mathematics skills to manage the SDLC and deliver state of the art applications for this financial organization. You must have strong communication skills with experience in the financial industry. A PHD or Masters degree is a plus. 

The Senior Developer’s role is to write, code, test, and analyze software programs and applications. This includes researching, designing, documenting, and modifying software and specifications throughout the development lifecycle, as well as providing proactive level III application support for production systems. The Senior Developer will provide innovative and proactive solutions to challenging business problems, contribute to the development and maintenance of leading systems architecture and demonstrate a strong business acumen and subject matter expertise in investment management concepts. 

Collaborate with business analysts, technical analysts, clients and architects to conceptualize, design and develop new software programs and applications, including but not limited to database applications, web services and Enterprise Service Bus services that support our service oriented architecture 

Although the posting doesn’t specify the employer, “Integrity, Partnership and High Performance” seems to be a dead give-away for the CPP IB.  They are also looking for a few managerial positions which I may come back to.

The Good
There are a lot of financial institutions in Toronto, and most of them pay well below par, from what I can see.  In this case, the pay seems pretty competitive, at $95k-125k, which is the high end of most senior developer positions in Toronto.   

With three open positions for senior developers and a few managerial positions, this might be a good opportunity to get on board with a few people that you trust.   The role is moderately senior.  The technology stack seems reasonable for the most part.

The Bad
Despite the fact that a little detective work turns up the likely employer, that still leaves a lot of information gaps.  Who is the employer, is it really the CPP IB?  What do they do?  What will you be working on?  How big is the team you’ll be on?  How does that team get its job done, what’s the process?  What are the non-salary parts of the compensation plan?

Your mileage may vary when it comes to working on anything vaguely related to financials and investment right now.  Although the Canadian bywaters seem to be undisturbed, we’re still a long way from ‘safe’.

Your mileage may also vary when it comes to things like service-oriented architecture and enterprise service bus, both of which can be a cue that this is an organization that buys into vendor hype and adopts complex technology they don’t really need (although you’d really have to understand the CPP IB well enough to make that call).

In Summary
Moderately senior positions in financial company that manages tons of assets with reasonable technology and reasonable pay.


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