Unspecified: Client Technical Lead

The Four Corners group is helping an unspecified company look for a Client Technical Lead:

.    Minimum of 6 years of combined software development and technology experience in all of the following areas:    Database design,  Software development (emphasis on web and ETL development)
.    Minimum 3 years Object Oriented development language experience (e.g. Java, C#, Web 2.0)
.    Quality Assurance and Technical Operations
.    The candidate will have a minimum 3 years web application development, Data modeling experience, .NET project experience and SQL Server project experience
.    Minimum 1 year of managing architecture and/or implementation aspects of software development projects

The Good
The posted salary range goes up to $125k, pretty solid for a team lead role.  The role’s pretty senior, but they’re not asking for a ton of experience, so it may be true that if you’ve got “mad skills” but not a lot of experience, this is a company that’d listen to your pitch.

The Bad
Any time you’re working with a ‘search firm’ you can count on being left out in the cold with respect to just the sort of information you’d want to know.  For instance, who is this “well-respected professional services firm and leading branded content company”?  The role description is generic: as a team lead you’ll be estimating and implementing, gathering requirements, bizdev, etc.  Not much to go on. If you’re interested, you’ll obviously have to inquire to learn more. 

Your mileage may vary when it comes to all sorts of things that we don’t yet know about.  This posting’s too generic to really have any concrete objections. 

In Summary
If you’ve got a Microsoft skillset and dev/data background, and interest/experience as a lead, the salary could make this one worth further investigation.


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