Unspecified: Team Lead

An unspecified company in supply chain business process automation is looking for a team lead:

This position requires the candidate to manage a team, ensuring technical project management, design and delivery of our portal development initiatives based on our core product list. This position will ensure proper development methodologies are followed, to maximize reuse, productization and developer effectiveness. A major component of this job is to provide technical analyst support while meeting directly with clients. 

The sounds suspiciously like QLogitek, so it probably is.  If that’s true, the location is kipling and rexdale, out by the airport.

The Good
It’s a relatively senior role, and it sounds like the company’s growing.   The phrase “professionals who are ready to take the next step in their career growth” sometimes implies an opening for someone who’s looking to “move on up” and take on more responsibility than they can demonstrate through their resume.  The corollary could be that they may not be looking to pay what an experienced team lead would normally get.

I’m guessing, although I don’t know, that automating the supply-chain might be something that is moderately robust through a mild recession, should we be entering one. 

The Bad
There’s almost no information here, and although I’ve a guess as to who they are, without even that much information, it’s hard to base any kind of decision on the information they’re offering.  I guess they’re hoping you’ll apply.   Who will you be working for and where?  What will you be leading your team to accomplish?  How big a team, what kind of team, who’s on it?  What’s the process and leadership style they’re hoping to employ?  And so on.

Your mileage may vary about working out by the airport, if my assumption about the employer is accurate.  There are some elements in the job description that sound like top-down management.  Some people think that’s an effective way to manage, but not everyone does.  Also, I’m guessing that supply-chain management might strike some of you as dull, although I always find that challenging development always ends up being interesting in the long run, regardless of the industry.

In Summary
If you’re looking to be a team lead, and you’re either willing to work where QLogitek does or at least to find out if my guess is right, could be a good fit.


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