Deloitte Technology Fast 50 (1-25)

There’s always some index or other of ‘good companies’ being announced, it seems.  Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 was released, and I’ll do the usual and scan the ranked companies to figure out who’s local and has good positions.  It’s interesting to note that Deloitte suggests that the rate of growth is slowing.

Local companies with interesting positions:

  • PlateSpin (#2) is now a Novell company, and does server consolidation and virtualization in the east end near King and Parliament.  They’re looking for software developers, infrastructure developers and windows internal developers.
  • ViXS (#12) does video hardware at 404/401, and they’re looking for lots of hardware and software types, looks pretty low-level, but if that’s your thing, could be pretty interesting.
  • Camilion Solutions (#13) does policy development/administration systems for insurance in Markham (404/407); they’ve got a few positions open at various levels for people with some Java background.
  • RuggedCom (#14) does ‘industrial strength networks’ at 400/407, and they’re looking for technical people in both hardware and software.
  • Research in Motion (#16) does blackberries in Waterloo and Mississauga.  They’re looking for all sorts of people, although a Java background is often helpful.
  • SCI (#17) does auto retail software-as-a-service in Markham at 404/Steeles and is looking for a .NET developer.
  • Vizible (#19) does something about content and browsing that I never quite understand at King and Spadina and is looking for XPCOM, Installshield and 3D developers.

Local companies, no interesting positions:

  • Nightingale Informatix (#1) does electronic medical records in Markham, so you might imagine they do have relevant software positions, but there certainly aren’t any right now.
  • Mythum interactive (#4) seems like it would have tech jobs, but doesn’t list postings on their website.
  • Brandimensions (#9) does branding in Mississauga, no obvious postings.
  • Impact Mobile (#10) does mobile marketing, no obvious postings.

Nearly local companies:

  • Sandvine (#7) does network managemenet in Waterloo.  They’re looking for developers, testers, hardware types — all kinds.
  • Desire2Learn (#23) does learning software (e.g. LMS) out Kitchener-Waterloo and they’re looking for .NET people in K-W and Moncton, NB.

Non-local companies:

  • Level platforms (#3) does remote monitoring/management in Ottawa, and they’re looking for developers.
  • Vision Critical (#5) does in Vancouver, and they’re looking for .net and web developers.
  • Corinex (#6) does networking in Vancouver, and has no obvious postings.
  • OZ Communications (#8) does mobile messaging in Montreal and is looking for all sorts of tech positions.
  • BTI systems (#11) does optical networking; their software development positions seem to be in Belfast, Ireland.
  • DragonWave (#15) does broadband wireless in Kanata, ON.
  • Solium Capital (#18) does software to manage stock plans out of Calgary.  They’re looking for a Java architect/developer.
  • Radialpoint (#20) does managed internet services / security out of Montreal.  They’re looking for a wide variety of tech openings (C++, OS X, Product Management, ASP.NET).
  • Nstein (#21) does software for the publishing industry in Montreal.  They’re looking for .NET, Java, PHP.
  • Creaform (#22) does ‘3D Solutions’ including fun-looking laser scanners out of Levis, QC.  They’re looking for people with a CAD background, near as I can tell.
  • Genentech (#23) is apparently out of Saint-Laurent, but the only postings I can see are not in Canada, so I’m not sure what to read into that — perhaps I’ve got the wrong Genentech?
  • TeraXion (#25) does optical work (lasers, dispersion compensaators) with no relevant postings.
There are, of course, 25 more.

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