JustAddHeat: Django/Python Web Developer (Contract, Part-Time)

Just Add Heat is looking for a web developer to do some hourly Django and Python contract work for their online storefront/reservation system on an as-needed basis:

  • Experience developing consumer facing web applications.
  • Experience working with Python, JavaScript. Bonus points for Django and/or Prototype.
  • Knowledge of relational database concepts and patterns. Bonus points for MySQL.
  • Familiarity with internet protocols like HTTP, REST and JSON.
  • Familiarity with Unix-based operating systems.

The Good
There’s not a ton of Django and Python work in Toronto, and that alone is enough for some people.  It’s also nice to have a good chance to see what you’d be working on before you agree to do so.  Lots of jobs and contracts don’t give you that opportunity.

The Bad
It’s intermediate work, there isn’t a lot of it.  

Your mileage may vary when it comes to doing part-time work, but if you’re already a free-lancer working with multiple clients, and you’ve got some time free, this is just the sort of thing you’d want to see.

Your mileage may also vary when it comes to describing REST or JSON as an internet protocol, but at least you’re dealing with someone who’s heard of REST and JSON. 

In Summary
This is basically custom-made for the freelancer-type — people doing contract work, but not locked into long full-time contract work where you can’t squeeze any time in for any other clients.  If that sounds like you and you know Python, and possibly Django, this could be interesting.


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