Unspecified: Front-End “Ninja”, “Star” Developer

An unspecified “stealth” startup is looking for what they’re calling a ‘front end ninja‘:

A web development ninja who has experience on the server-side as well. Experience with large websites and web-based solutions where you implemented novel front-end designs, usability improvements, GUI metaphor inventions, etc. is required.

The ability to quickly prototype solutions using 80/20 rules while developing production solutions in parallel is core.

They’re also looking for a ‘star developer‘, although the page formatting doesn’t make it clear if this is the same position, I’m inclined to believe it’s a second position:

A highly flexible and experienced developer with a well-rounded background that includes some enterprise and lots of web experience. Innovation and technical know-how are expected. You should assume that quick change of pace and assignments will be common.

A strong sense of ownership and alignment with solution vision are key.

Last time they were looking, I talked with some of the principals briefly (although sadly that didn’t lead to my changing employers).  At the time, it seemed like one of the more interesting options around.  I’d give a little more information, but I assume that if they wanted the details released, they would be doing so themselves.  That said, it didn’t take me an incredible amount of time to learn a little about who they were and what they were doing, so if you’re curious, I’m sure you can find some of that information yourself, or figure out who to ask.

I won’t claim to know much about UX Design, but they seem to want someone who does.

The Good
The company founders have a pretty good pedigree, if you believe that counts for anything.  They’ve also apparently attracted some funding, which is also a good sign.  I don’t claim to be a better prognosticator than anyone else, but they seem like they’re on a success trajectory to me, and from the little I know of their product, it seems like something useful in a market that could sorely use some transformation. 

The technology sounds good, for the most part, and what little they say about the process sounds like the kind of process in which I enjoy to work.

The Bad
Well, first and foremost, there’s very little information here; I know more than I’m sharing, and I believe that if you get far enough to learn more yourself, you may be pleased with what you hear, but there’s not a lot to go on as a potential candidate.  Where are they located?  What are they working on?  What would you be working on?  How big is the team?  What’s the process?  How would you be compensated? 

Your mileage may vary when it comes to working in a startup.  There isn’t a department for everything you don’t want to do, and usually you’ll work harder than you would as a cog in the wheel at a big enterprise. Sometimes the pay is a concern, although this stealth startup doesn’t list their pay brackets, so it’s hard to say. 

Although it sounds like you’d be a peer to most of the team, some people prefer to be in a position of some authority.  I’d hazard a guess that that’s not what they’re currently looking for.

In Summary
Sounds like a good mix of interesting technology, streamlined process and the possibility of business success.  I still call this one of the more interesting options out there.


2 Responses to Unspecified: Front-End “Ninja”, “Star” Developer

  1. Trevor says:

    Hey thanks for not letting on about what you know : ) But I can answer some of your questions (that you already know the answer to)

    Location: Toronto – Mid Town
    Working on: Enterprise 2.0 (vague, I know, try being me and having to write it!)
    Team size: You’d be employee six, seven or eight
    Compensation: Equity + Salary + Superpowers (choose from radioactive spider or gamma ray exposure)

  2. […] were a stealth startup looking for a ‘star software developer‘ and, later, a ‘star developer and front end ninja‘.  They’re no longer stealth, and they’re looking to hire a Software Engineer / […]

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