Kontagent: “Super Awesome Developer”

Kontagent is looking for a “Super Awesome Developer“:

We’re looking for all the obvious traits — intelligent, creative, self motivated, etc.

But most importantly, we’re looking for people like us: a love for solving hard problems, as passion for build cool technology and coming up with creative solutions, and desire for working with small elite teams that create world class stuff.

We are looking for people without egos, but have a track-record of awesomeness or have demonstrated a passion and love for writing great software.

We prefer working with extremely strong generalists (look at our company bios and you’ll see what we mean), but we are currently looking for people that can help us with both front end web development (think CSS, AS3, Flex, Javascript) as well as backend web development (think Python, MySQL, large distributed systems).

The Good
Although the posting goes a little over the top, it’s also true that the posting is obviously written by someone who knows a little about development and what sorts of things appeal to developers, which can be a good sign. 

The company sounds both well-funded and interesting, a good combination.  They’re doing analytics for “social applications” from the sounds of things.  Although i’m not yet certain what that means, it does at least sound like something that might be interesting.

The Bad
Well, despite the above, I’ll say that I think the posting is trying too hard.  But, then, any time a company asks for ‘rock star’ or ‘awesome’ or something like that, let alone both in one post, I tend to be somewhat skeptical.  If you want exceptional programmers, just say so, don’t pull out cheesy analogies and superlatives. 

There are, of course, the usual problems in terms of lapses of information.  Where would you be working?  How much would you be paid?  What will you be working on?  What’s the team like, how big is it, and what process does it follow?

Your mileage may vary with respect to working in a startup, particularly if it’s the sort of startup that hopes to get a lot out of you in return for limited real compensation and little bits of paper that represent your equity in a venture that may or may not succeed.  I don’t know that Kontagent is that kind of company, but it’s not an uncommon pattern for a startup. 

In Summary
If working for an interesting-sounding startup doing social-network stuff in Python and AJAX sounds pretty cool to you, and you have no problem refering to yourself as a super-awesome developer, then this might be the right choice for you.


2 Responses to Kontagent: “Super Awesome Developer”

  1. Dimitri says:

    So I am super awesome. How do I apply?

  2. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    Dammit – there’s something about jobs with references to Python – I always leave out the links. Added. So, basically, the posting suggests you just get in touch with Albert Lai directly.

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