Domainer: Software/Web Developer(s)

Domainer is looking for more than one Software / Web Developer:

Domainer is currently looking for the best developers in Toronto. What do we mean by the best developers? Well, you should know know your stuff in a profound way. What stuff do you need to know? At a minimum you should know the *nix command line and a how to configure a secure web server. You should also possess a mighty knowledge of mysql and its various quirks. Next you need to know a server side web friendly programming language such as Java, Groovy, PHP, Python or Ruby. Front end language development expertise is also appreciated.

We are doing cool things with new technologies. You will be exposed to an array of technologies such as Groovy, Grails, Java, PHP, jQuery, python, Gradle, Gant, Ant, Subversion, Eclipse, NetBeans, Ubuntu, plus a few that are for you to discover.

The Good
They claim good compensation, but is that just good compensation for those commonly called “web developers” in this city, who are chronically underpaid compared to the rest of the development crowd, or is Domainer really serious about hiring the best, which, IMO, means paying a lot more – probably over $90k in salary alone.  (There may be great people in this city who get paid less, of course, but most of the better people I’ve worked with make significantly more than this).

If this work were done well, it could be an interesting combination of interesting technology (RSS, mashups, social media, rapid-development web techniques), internal productization and good profit margins.  A lot like agency work, but with much more control – your clients simply want to make money, they don’t care what you build their site in, or really, what it does, as long as the output in terms of cash is good.

The tech sounds reasonable for what they’re doing, the process, as much as they talk about it, sounds reasonably agile.  The video helps you get an initial feel for what your employers/bosses might be like.

The Bad
If this is done poorly, you’re going to be doing the same things over and over to deliver bad content and advertising to the unsuspecting, never get to do a build-out the way you want to, no productization, cheapest-solution-always-wins.  Again, a lot like agency work can be, come to think of it.

There’s some information gaps, although the video helps.  How big’s the team?  How serious is Domainer about actually delivering value in these sites?  What are some examples of sites they’re running?  How much is good compensation?  What’re the specifics of their location?

That said, the amount of information in the posting is higher than many. 

Your mileage may vary with respect to the ‘ethics’ of the kind of work that Domainer does.  There is often a kind of opportunistic/exploitative streak in this kind of “leverage a domain name” work, from what I’ve seen.  I can’t speak for Domainer in particular, but these sites often seek to get money through advertising with the minimal required effort — offering very little value, but profiting from search engine placement and so forth.   You’ll have to decide how you feel about that and learn a little more about Domainer’s approach.

In Summary
If you want the opportunity to flex your web skills at building sites quickly and cost-effectively in relatively new rapid-development technologies, this might be your thing.  I’d suggest coming to terms on compensation.


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