MindBlossom: Junior Developer

I don’t often run Junior Developer positions, but this one’s an interesting, and it was passed on directly by MindBlossom’s VP Technology, so that makes it interesting as well.  So, as you may already have learned, MindBlossom is looking for a Junior Developer (monster, craigslist):

We are looking for enthusiastic and talented developers to join our development team. You will develop and maintain interactive applications for external clients. You will work closely with a team of roughly 12 extremely talented developers. You will have the opportunity learn and work with new and emerging development tools. You will also have the opportunity to work with big brands and produce applications that will be used and seen by millions of people.

You will work with a structured management team who is focused on retaining and developing talent. We strive to be as agile as possible in the delivery of our work and are constantly looking for ways to make our development process lighter and more efficient.

Successful candidates must be able to perform in a fast paced environment.  You will be required to think on your feet and learn quickly. Those who are able will be rewarded with exciting work using cutting edge technologies.

Most of our applications are developed using Groovy/Grails, Flex and Flash (Action Script 3). From time to time you will be required to work with PHP, J2EE and SPRING.  We work using Ubuntu, Mac OSX and Windows. We prefer MySQL unless specified by our clients.

  • Solid understanding of Java or .NET programming principles.
  • Understanding of Grails or Ruby on Rails a bonus.
  • Highly motivated and willing to learn the most important of all. 

There may well come a time when I’m inundated with requests, but for now, the personal touch of dropping me a line counts for something.

The Good
Grails is interesting technology, and here’s a company that not only uses it but is willing to help you get up to speed.  It’s also good experience, as a junior dev, because Grails positions you to either move into Java or Dynamic Languages as you choose and/or the market dictates.  

It’s been a long time since I looked at salaries on jobs labelled ‘Junior’, but 40-55k seems pretty reasonable for that role.  There’s not a lot of detail on benefits/bonus, but at least they have both.

There are good things about small companies, and good things about big ones; a small company/division backed by a bigger one sometimes has the best of both worlds.  I can’t speak for MindBlossom here, but it’s often a nice mix.  The client list looks pretty solid at a glance, and their past work seems viable.

They aim for agility.  The team size is clear.  The Richmond/Spadina location is not dead-centre but it’s a nice area.

The Bad
Well, it’s not a very senior role — and I’m not entirely sure how many self-described Junior Developers have taken the initiative to start reading something like Toronto Tech Jobs, but I guess we’ll find out.  

Actually, they hit most of the areas I like to look for pretty well, so I don’t have that much to complain about.  There’s not much on the process, although what’s there sounds good.  Maybe a little more about the team composition (how many people on a project, what’s the mix of people there already)?  There’s not a ton about the work, but in this kind of environment, that’s always changing.

Now, granted, if I knew I were sending my position off to Toronto Technology Jobs, I’d try and cover these points as well, but it’s still pretty rare to have so little for me to complain about.  Good work.

Your mileage may vary when it comes to building marketing sites, which seems to be their emphasis. 

Not everyone will want to work at Richmond and Spadina, although it’s reasonably accessible by car (traffic’s a pain) transit (spadina car’s slow, subway’s a ten-minute walk) and so forth, so this isn’t a deal-breaker for many.

In Summary
If you’re a junior developer and you’re already reading TTJ to get jobs, good work.   Otherwise, if you know someone, and they’d be interested in doing some Grails work, this seems worth further investigation.


2 Responses to MindBlossom: Junior Developer

  1. bryanf says:

    And hey, you get to work with me! 🙂

  2. […] talked about Mindblossom before, when we posted a Junior Developer position; I wasn’t sure if Junior Developers were out there reading Toronto Tech Jobs, but […]

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