Cornerstone: Application Development Manager

Cornerstone is looking for an Application Development Manager

Our Information Services department designs, develops and/or supports a number of sophisticated in-house and third party software packages used by our staff and our Clients.

  • Provide architectural and design leadership and support in all phases of development life cycle.
  • Provide technical and business leadership in advancing Cornerstone technology solutions that support business initiatives. 
  • Perform high-level analysis and design.
  • Propose technical solutions to meet defined business needs.
  • Provide estimates for the development resources of projects.
  • Recommend software development tools and language(s).
  • Review and refine architecture as needed.
  • Provide leadership and mentoring to staff members involved in account coordination.
  • Extensive experience in developing large scale Microsoft .Net solutions.
  • Experience in architectural design and development of web based solutions using Microsoft technology.
  • Experience in designing efficient database schemas for large scale data solutions.
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in the following technologies: Microsoft development platform, .NET, C#, C++, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. 

Unfortunately, their information services department doesn’t seem to include proofreaders, as the first paragraph above appears twice in a row in the posting.  Basically, an application development manager for a .NET shop.

The Good
Senior role, the role itself is reasonably well-defined.   The location, Yonge and Eglinton, is good for those already uptown or coming down the Yonge subway line, and it’s not a bad neighbourhood.

The Bad
Cornerstone is in marketing, all right — they say the right things without being too specific.  They talk about compensation but they don’t say what they’re paying.  They talk about software products without telling you what you’d be working on.  What’s the process?  How big’s the team?  What will you work on?  How much do they pay?

Not everyone wants to work for a direct marketing database company.  You may not get tomatoes lobbed at you, but direct marketing is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.

In Summary
If you’re a .NET lead with some managerial experience and you’re not afraid a little direct marketing, this might be interesting.


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